Peeing in house and crate.

  • Ok, so in case anyone hasn't seen my other post about my new dog (a Lab), we have a new 2 year old female spayed lab that we rescued from a local shelter. They told us that she is house trained, that they only let adult dogs out to potty twice per day and that she never pottied in her kennel there. So, assuming they are being truthful, I know she can hold it. I always put her out to potty at night before bed (she sleeps in a crate at night). However, she peed in the crate last night and I also found a puddle in the living room today. The crate doesn't have the plastic tray in it (Lady, our Basenji, tore it up long ago). So, there is a comforter in it for comfort. I thought about buying a replacement tray, but they are SUPER EXPENSIVE for just a piece of plastic. I'm wondering what I should try to train her not to pee in her crate? I've thought of keeping a few pieces of kibble in my pocket at all times so I can reward her for going outside? πŸ˜• I thought about putting a large piece of plywood in the bottom of the crate to substitute for the missing plastic tray but I'm thinking that could be very bad if she decided to chew on it …

    I've never had to house train a dog before; Freddy and Lady were both already house trained when we got them. They both tried once to potty in the house at first, but I caught them, gave a stern "NO" and put them outside and that put a stop to it.

  • I trained my first basenjis that way - using a treat (not just kibble) when they pottied outside. But you need to give the treat as soon as theyfinish going potty not when she comes back in the house.

  • Read Miles: A Rescue … We got him from the pound and he pee'd from anxiety every time he was in the crate. We got one of those plastic mats that you put under your desk so your chair can roll easily and put it under his crate to protect the carpet. He was on a plastic tray and always had at least a towel. He eventually stopped doing it, but of course he's still howling every time we leave! Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚

  • Has your dog been tested for fanconis?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Has your dog been tested for fanconis?

    I believe the dog she is mentioning is a lab, not her basenji.

  • @Ninabeana26:

    I believe the dog she is mentioning is a lab, not her basenji.

    That's right. I'm hoping the crate accident she had was just because I let her have water to drink after dinner. I only did that one evening, and that was the evening she pottied in the crate. I think I'll try to keep a closer eye on her when she 's in the house so I can tell when she needs to go.

  • I do believe other breeds can get fanconis as well.
    Even human's can get it.
    Unless I am totally wrong, and I know someone will tell me..laugh

  • Sharon-

    Humans CAN get it. One day I was watching "mystery diagnosis" on discovery health and I was thinking "boy, that guy's symptoms sure sound like Fanconi." Sure enough it was πŸ™‚

  • Humans can definitely have Fanconi - there are two types of human - the one our dogs can get and another called Fanconi Anemia, which basically is a death sentence - children with it do not usually make it through their teens, and sometimes not that old. The Fanconi syndrome basically is the same kind the dogs get, and it can hit at any time, though it's usually early - only reason I know this is because we had a relative whose son has medical issues, and this is one of the things they tested for - fortunately, he has neither.

  • Humans can get Fanconi. Here is an excerpt on Dr. Gonto and his progress.

    <<β€œThe veterinary protocol is no more than the correct application of established, sound, scientific and accepted methods of human medical practice applied to veterinary use for this particular Syndrome,” stresses Dr. Gonto. A similar protocol is now being used in the treatment of the people version of Fanconi Syndrome, allowing its human victims to lead nearly normal lives as long as they take their supplementary nutrients, buffers, protein and water.>>

    So Dr. Gonto's protocol is also being used to treat the human form of the same Fanconi Strain!

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