• Lori Stephens here (owned by Ziggy and Zhara). I'm going to be moving to the Bay Area next summer and am making connections with folks, before the move, who share my interests – sort of forming a "community" before arriving. 🙂

    Toward that end, I'd like to connect with Basenji folks, clubs, and groups in SF, especially in the south Bay-Palo Alto-San Jose areas.

    Any ideas will be much appreciated! 🙂


  • Lots of us in the Bay Area. I am about 45 minutes from the South Bay and we have lots of member of Basenji Club of Northern California in the South Bay.

  • My parents are B'd and they are in Redwood City, just on the edge of Menlo Park. Very close. 😃 you won't be alone!

  • We are in the South Bay-Palo Alto-San Jose areas as are some other folks in the forum… Would love to welcome you here!

  • First Basenji's

    There is an informal monthly meetup (unofficially weekly!) at Pt. Isabel, a wonderful off-leash park in Richmond. It's a bit of a jaunt from the South Bay, but we do have folks who drive over an hour each way to hang out with other B's.


    In general, it's a good B-spotting park.

  • Oooo. We should do a South Bay meet up 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful welcome and info! I can't wait to meet everyone when we arrive. 🙂 (Schouiff, I love how you describe someone as "B'd" - LOL)

  • Hey there,
    We have another Z to add to the group! Zorro and us slaves live in SF. Let us know if you have a meet up. Maybe could do one at Ft. Funston in the city. I have lots of friends that come up from Santa Clara with their dogs on the weekends to romp around the Fort.

  • Hi Lori,
    I live in Redwood City (mid peninsula). There's an off leash area (Pulgas Ridge) in San Carlos I take Buddy to that's up in the hills near Interstae 280. It's big and the dogs have a great time.

    The off leash area.

    A meet up at Fort Funston would be a lot of fun.

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