Free fixing for PB in Seattle area


    Pit Bull mixes make up approximately 30 percent of lost, stray and
    abandoned animals in our community's shelters. Thanks to a $50,000
    grant from PetSmart Charities, the Seattle Humane Society is changing
    those statistics with the goal of altering more than 750 Pit Bulls
    and Pit Bull mixes in King County helping save lives by ending
    unwanted litters.

  • That's great news Sharon. The PBs and PB mixes can make some really good companions and it's unfortunate they became a collectors item with years of over population. Here it's PBs and Chihuahuas that have been over breed and then people not wanting them. The shelters are full. There was a story here in the Bay Area at the San Mateo/Peninsula Human Society that put up newspaper ads once in a while and a story about a female PB that spent 2 years at the shelter before finally being adopted. People I think were afraid of the dog with the cropped ears but as they said she was very sweet and friendly. It was great that they didn't give up and just euthanize her.

  • I often go to events and sit at my all breed dog rescue booth. When folks come over and ask what the best all around pet for a family is, I tell them PB…you should see some of their faces...sort of like I told them that its ok for kids to play with guns.
    Sad such a wonderful breed has such a bad rap...maybe over time, that will change. I so hope so.

  • I totally agree with you, Sharron.

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