• Kate loves them, Ty, well you have to be careful and do more of a chest rub because if you get to close to his manhood and accidentally touch it, he has to immediately jump up and meticulously clean his violated privates.:o

    He's always done this, then again he's always been a goofball:D

  • How funny! Shango LOVES them and they've sort of become a routine. Before bed he jumps up on the blanket and rolls over- just waiting for me to pet his belly 😃

  • @Kananga:

    Kananga simply doesn't care about them. Doesn't necessarily oppose them but doesn't show any appreciation for them.

    Ditto here…at most she tolerates them, but never growls or anything. She just wants to upright herself and of course, get you to pet/scratch her where **she **wants you to.

  • Tosca doesn't mind them, and she will lay over much easier if she is just waking up, she won't willingly do it if she is up and active. However, she prefers to be pet on the neck, face, and head SO much more. If I go hear her and kneel on the ground, she will put her head down right on my legs and beg me to pet her neck/head…its adorable. She also likes me to pet her over her eyes, believe it or not. I will often be sitting around (sometimes even typing) and she will poke her nose in my hand and push up, making me rub her eyes...she is a weird one!

  • Our girls loves them our boy is indifferent

    She spends a lot of time on her back

    I wonder if it's a "mom" thing with nursing?

  • Great pics, barkless!!

  • Those are some great pics, thanks for sharing. Bella never just lays on her back. It took me FOREVER to teach her to "roll over." Even now, she is still not very graceful at it!!! :rolleyes:

  • Congo didn't like being on his back and getting belly rubs until this last year. Before that he hated being on his back and would squirm until you let him back up. Now he loves them.

  • Ours loves belly rubs, but does not like being on his back. Only when he is exausted and I am giving him a belly rub to put him to sleep will he roll over. But when I pick him up, he sits in my arms like a child and I can give him belly rubs that way. Maybe its being on her back that she doesnt like.

  • Our boys and the Ibizan girl loves them…. the Ibizan rolls on her back only when she "thinks" you come over to belly rub her... hahaha

  • Rocky really wasn't all that in love with them either. It was more of "I'll SACRIFICE merely to make you think you are doing me a favor". God I miss that dog.

  • A dog, might like the belly rub, but take issue with being on its back.
    We start with rescue dogs, slowly rubbing their tummys when they are standing up.
    Going to the side or back is a major trust thing, that with rescue dogs take time.

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