A quick hello

Hello everyone,
I'm a soon to be a Basenji owner again. I pick up my new baby this Sat. Having grown up with the breed I'm so excited to be getting my little lady. They call her Zoe and i'm undecided if I want to keep that name for her. I guess I will know once I get to know her.

Has your puppy and/or its parents been tested for Fanconi Syndrome using the DNA test?

I ask because there is a puppy just tested in the OFA database named Zoe who tested Probably Affected.

Hello & welcome to the forum.


The parents have been tested they told me the mother is carrier but the father is clean but now you have me worried how do I check that?

Welcome to the forum!!!!

Thanks everyone, i'm excited and nervous. I have never bought a dog before all my pets have been abandons I have given a home. I'm a little worried about how my cat will take to her he was raised with a dog but its now been over 11 yrs since he has had to share his people. He is almost 16 yrs old.

Take care to introduce them slowly and don't leave the animals alone when your gone.
That is my advice.

You can check by going to the OFA website and doing a search on the parents' registered names or their AKC numbers.


Keep us posted on your progress…

Welcome Amber, and best of luck with your new pup, Zoe.

Puppy-proof, puppy-proof, puppy-proof!! (and keep reading here!!)

Congrats and welcome. Looking forward to pics of the new little one!

Welcome to our pack - and yes start puppy proofing your house.

congrats on the puppy

Welcome! How exciting to get a little b!

I like Zoe, it's cute, IMO 😃

Thanks all for the welcome!
I have had a week with zoe and that will be her name. The breeder did such a great job with her and she already comes to zoe each time I call, so why change :). She is such a good little girl. My only problem is her begging and my cat. He is fine if she leaves him alone but she just cant, she wants him to play with her. When he hisses and swats at her ( he is declawed) she thinks he is playing. Hoping for harmony soon.

I hope you have peace in your home soon.

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