Basenji on the Roof

Brando is too funny! He's been at my house since last April, so almost a year. This past week he has suddenly started looking at his own reflection in the skylights at night. He sees himself, stares for a bit and then starts running really fast around the living room…I think he thinks there is another basenji on the roof :D. I've gone over to him to pet him and wave up to him in the skylight so that he sees me. It is so funny because he tilts his head so I know he sees me waving. This weekend we had temps in the 40s and every time ice would come off, he'd run over and try to see the mystery basenji making all the noise. Only problem was it was daylight so no he couldn't see the basenji on the roof. As soon as night came though, he started looking up and there it was! 😃

What a card...he totally cracks me up. He's such a busy boy. 😃

That is absolutely hilarious, you need to get a video of it!!!:D

That reminds me of Gossip seeing her reflection in the patio door. Every once in awhile she'll charge at the door to get at the basenji on the other side.

Congo looks at himself in the mirror and admires himself from every angle. He checks himself sitting, then he'll turn his back to it and flip his head around, then he checks himself out broadside. After all that he lets out this contented sigh. I am not sure if he thinks its another basenji or if he thinks he is just very good looking.

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