Rescued Dogs Pregnant with possible 1,500 puppies

  • Did any of you read this story in the news about 600 rescued dogs in Everett, WA were about 500 of the female dogs are pregnant which could possible result in 1,500 puppies over the next few weeks?

    Here is the link for the story below:

    I know that I am not from there, I wish I could do more to help but funds are tight and I am not sure if there were any Basenji's involved (Sharon, is this your area of Washington?) but someone who commented on the story mentioned a contest that the Everett Animal Shelter is entered in to win $10,000 so I voted because I have a feeling that they (like a lot of shelters and rescue groups) could use the money right now. You can vote at this link below:

  • I voted for them! I wonder how many different breeds are involved?

  • This is very sad, but it doesn't look to be any basenjis, mostly toy breeds…

    And this is what happens when BYB's breed, sell, no spay/neuter contracts and only sell to make money.... someone else goes into the dog breed business to "make" money or is a horder... and becomes totally overwhelmed with the care/feeding etc... and the market goes south for placing puppies (like it mostly is now for these people) and they are stuck with all these unhealthy puppies... that they can't afford to care for.....

  • Yes, its true, and here I was thinking we had a educated population with some type of heart.
    Over 600 dogs were picked up and now are in shelters and AT LEAST 80% of them are pregnant.
    Puppies hitting the ground as I type.
    The are small dogs, and some "so called designer" breeds…but that is a whole lot of dogs and puppies.
    I will try to find the news articles and share them.

  • I saw this on CNN today…so sad.

  • Too bad they are on the other side of the country from me. I would offer to foster a couple of the pregnant ones, whelp them out, and raise the pups.

  • Yes, its awful. I do so hope they throw the book at these "so called" breeders.

  • Sharron, do you know if there were any Basenji's?

  • No basenjis, all small "toy" breed and so called designer dogs.

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