• What's worked for my B (10mo old):

    -Sterilized Beef Bones (non-filled and filled)
    -Kongs with treats

  • To make the Kong last longer, freeze it. Fill with 50% canned pumpkin and 50% kibble, freeze overnight. It takes my crew about an hour to get most of the filling out.

  • The other nice thing is that the pumpkin is low cal.

  • the squeeker tennis balls made by kong. If you're there to throw it, the tiny ones are great, but Medjai has one of the oversized ones and he nudges it and chases it down.

    Another thing that will keep him occupied, and clean the house is a roomba. 🙂

  • Busy Buddies…Brando definitely prefers that over the kong. But he does eventually work on a kong if I give it to him. I do as Lisa does and freeze it...definitely takes longer that way.

    Ruby like any toy that contains food...but really loves the Busy Buddy best.

  • What works with Magnum is some sort of interactive toy that uses treats. He's never really been interested in any non-edible toys unless he can find a loose seam and rip it apart. I've used filled, frozen kongs, busy buddy, treat balls, bully sticks, pressed rawhide.

    I've even used cat toys, which seem to interest him more, especially if catnip is involved. I also, from time to time, throw around "smelly" stuff for him to roll on, like magazine perfume cards (he doesn't chew them) or spray deoderant.

    Mags's not much of a toy boy. 😞 He prefers to…relax mostly.

  • Treat ball. Dinner always tastes better and takes longer when it comes in this


    You will have to cut down the inside spout some but once you get it the pup will be crazy in love.

  • Be careful with the raw hides, they aren't fully digestible. If large chunks are broken off they can get choked, too. If you decide to go ahead, be there observing and take away any large fragments before the dog gets them ingested…

  • Dallas likes the busy buddies. I just got him the tug-a-jug for Christmas and he will spend like an hour or two just trying to get those treats out. The trick is though that you have to put some really small treats in there _so that the dog is able to actually get some treats out of it. If Dallas can't get anything out of it, he will get bored & walk away.

    Also, bully sticks & frozen marrow bones work for him. I give him a bully stick or a frozen marrow bone & it will probably last an hour or so. The marrow bones are usually gone by then but the bully sticks I will pick up after an hour._

  • talk to me treat ball was a hit in my house, but it's not B-proof. my dog did eventually dismantle two of them. Another good one (not b-proof) is a Buster Cube. both of these dispense SMALL tidbits of kibble. I like the talk to me treat ball because you can record your own message on it, which is played when the dog moves the ball. they also have some that light up. I paid about $17 for one, but found it was well worth it. it lasted a while before being smashed up and chewed. my dog eventually got the recorder mechanism out of the ball and chewed it up.

    I find some of the BEST toys are those that are homemade though. I save paper towel and toilet paper tubes - put a small treat inside, bend the ends inwards to close and LET the dog destroy it. the paper tubes are generally harmless if ingested (my dog just likes to shred them and make a mess). use tubes w/out alot of glue residue on them. I like to use the plastic wrap or aluminum foil cardboard tubes - these are a tougher board than the paper towel or TP tubes.

    or put a new toy or 6" bully stick inside a tissue box… let the pup wreck it to get the toy or stick out.

  • I agree homemade toys are great. I have given my B's:

    • random socks (that i can't find the pair to) tied in a big knot
    • empty 2 L bottles. Screw the cap on REAL tight and watch them get it off. Once its off I take it and throw it away so they don't choke on it. Then they rip the label off and chase the bottle around.
    • cut off the legs of old pants, put a tennis ball inside and tie the ends off.
    • hair "scrunchies." they drive lenny nuts. he holds one side down and pulls the other side until it snaps in his face. then he play bows with it and pounces on it.

  • We gave Kona an empty pill bottle (think large bottle of tylenol) with a childproof lid and we put pennies inside it. Kona loves to roll it around and it keeps her occupied and confused for at least 30 minutes at a time. We only let her play with it when we are around just in case she figures out a way to get into it. But so far, it is a great distraction.

  • I use "cow knuckles" from the butcher, these keep them amused for a couple of hours. You need to examine their poop though. Some basenjis will get the trots. If this occurs- bad idea.

    My youngest will gather all of them up and hide them in my bed. Icky.

    My first Basenji would hoard and bury them. Amusing. She would have one out and if the other 2 took it, she would simply go dig a fresh one up.

    The grab bag at second hand stores have stuffed animals. This kept my first 2 amused. They would eviserate them.

    I had one of those "magic cubes" that you stuff treats in and when it knocked about the treats fall out. That lasted about 2 weeks. They figured out that if they broke it all the treats came out.

    One of those big yoga balls with peanut butter smeared on it kept 2 of my 3 amused for a couple hours.

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