• I've had Brando (4 yrs old) now at the house for 9 months.

    Since Brando came to live here, Ruby has been great in her crate/xpen. I made the mistake of not closing the door to the xpen a couple of times and Ruby was fine. Since then on occasion, I've even purposefully left the door to the xpen open so she could escape if she wanted. She's fine and takes her treats and toys and makes a home on my bed during the day. No destruction or mess at all.

    Up until today Brando's been crated when I leave. He really seems to get upset when I leave and would cry and usually shred his bedding, even though he has toys, treats, a kong, and busy buddy left in his crate to keep him occupied. He'd always eat the biscuits I'd leave, and the kong, but never touch the busy buddy.

    I haven't really trusted him to be out of the crate because he can be destructive even if I'm around…chews blankets, pillows, etc. in the living room. A few weeks ago I tried to leave him in my bedroom with the door closed and him out of the crate. I went downstairs to leave and I could hear him digging on the wood floors at the bedroom door (still crying) so I went back up and put him in the crate.

    Well this morning, I decided to try to leave Ruby and Brando out in the living room. I knew my brother would be there around 7:30 (I leave for work, 5:45), so this would be a small (but huge) test. I filled a busy buddy for each kid, put the kids and the buddy's in the living room (gated off from the kitchen & upstairs), and went to the door. Not a sound from Brando...so thinking he might be waiting and watching me at the gate, I peaked around the corner and to my surprise, he was engrossed in the toy/treat. I went out the door...no sound, no nothing. I don't think he even realized I left.

    My brother called me around 7:30 and said...couldn't believe it, but Brando was still playing with the busy buddy and that nothing had been touched in the living room. Ruby had already finished hers and was up on the couch sleeping.

    Yay Brando!!!!! :D:D:D I hate hearing him cry when I leave, so, I'm holding out huge hope that I may be able to leave both kids out of their crates when I go to work. I'm trying the same experiment tomorrow but had to share in what might be a huge break thru!

  • yay congratulations…...that is definitely something.

    I will be THRILLED if and when that happens with Riley, aka Trouble On Four Feet.

  • YAY Brando!!!! Congrats!

  • Yay Brando!! You're such a good boy!!


  • That is truly a great feeling. Knowing he's happy and doesn't need to be confined all day. Congrats.

  • Yay Brando - I'm waiting for this day to come with Luny.

  • @wizard:

    Yay Brando - I'm waiting for this day to come with Luny.

    Wizard…I thought of you as I was writing my original post. I was pretty sure that it was going to be years down the road before Brando might be able to be left out...he acts like such a little kid most of the time and is definitely destructive to get attention when I'm home.

    Granted...too early yet to REALLY tell...but the next couple of days should be the true acid test.

  • Congratulations Brando! Good boy.

  • Woohoo, you go boy!!!:D

  • So here's an update…day 2. This morning both kids in the living room unsupervised and uncrated for 2.5 hours. Brando trying to get food out of the busy buddy never looked up when I left...the kid (Ruby) doing the same. No damage. Still playing with their busy buddies when my brother went to check on them. Yay Brando! :D:D:D

    I've heard horror stories of being lured into believing b's could be left out and then on day 3 or 4...wham, house destroyed. So I'll hope the rest of the week continues the way it has gone the last 2...positive thoughts! 😃

    Good boy Brando! :D:D:D

  • I haven't used a crate since my B was here and learned how to potty outside. I have underground fencing and a doggie door, and she does just fine. Just make sure there is nothing left out that they may get standing on their hind legs, they are masters at this. All the things she has gotten has been while I was home, just to get my attention to chase her.

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