Pic of Lina Marie

This is one of the first pics I took of her…when I saw her at the shelter it was love at first sight :). Initially, we were going to try to get a Basenji from the Basenji rescue - but, when we met Lina we had to get her. We know she's a mix, but can't figure out what the other parts of her are.

She is really cute!

Such a beautiful dog… I am going to entertain the idea of Australian Cattle Dog/Basenji mix... Here is an example I found:

she's so beautifull and she looks very sweet and also very naughty to me!! 😃

Yeah, she is sweet and naughty. I told my husband that we should have called her mischief.

She is cute, don't really see Basenji in her though, might be cattle dog and/or husky mix in there

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