Trying to run towards speeding cars! New Scary behavior!

  • I take kiro for walks everyday…. in the neighborhood with normal traffic. shes 2. I use a leash that can go out about 15ft, but i keep her pretty close unless were in a field.(like a normal lead)
    she recently started running towards speeding cars! as the headlights approach or the car gets close she will stop what shes doing and pull towards the road!!!! Its terrifiying!!!!😕
    I read that basenjis do this but she never did this before!!! :eek: I get so scared and wonder why shes started this all the sudden! Yesterday i tried watching for cars and i would tell her 'STAY, STAY, stay" untill the car passed.... which is like every other 15 seconds. any other suggestions?

    oh man this is really scary, dont take this the wrong way, but it reminded me of having a special child...who is trying to dart into traffic! im not used to her doing things like this and its so scary! and its so sudden! why?
    it made me feel so sad... and like a backwards step.... i think thats shes so smart and now i just feel like i havent taught her enough. 😞

  • Chance started doing the same recently. I stop, get his attention and tell him no. So far it's getting better, but he is still launching himself towards the cars. I also try not to walk near busy roads of course.

  • thank you.. ill keep posted…. i just got so worried.... i started to wonder if its from being in the car alot. maybe since inside the car we go towards cars and shes safe if that makes her feel that way or maybe im ot letting her run enough?

  • My B does this as well. I actually have to avoid busy streets now because I just don't trust him. I continually work on it with him but he has a major fasination for chasing cars too! I think it may be a sight hound thing because my friends Italian Greyhounds do it to and my B has a very high prey drive.

  • Tosca does the same thing. She doesn't really do it with cars, but anything a truck size or bigger, she lunges towards it with as much power as she can. I really gotta be careful to hold on tight to the leash when I see them coming! It scares me also, because I worry that if she ever got out and loose, she'd be hit in no time.

  • That is interesting, in all the years I have had Basenjis, mine have never done that….

  • My boy does that.
    I think he is trying to stop the car or slow it down.
    I work with him, to sit and give him treats when I see a car approching.
    But it is scary when they charge out toward a speeding car.

  • None of mine have ever done this. On the other hand they have all completely ignored cars - which is just as bad (because drivers aren't always paying attention to anything below their dashline).

  • get the Control Unleashed book, do the exercises in order, pay careful attention to the Look At That game.

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