Hello everyone!

I can't tell you how excited I was to finally discover this forum today! I knew there had to be one out there so after a lot of searching I finally ran across it today! I have a 4 yr old red/white male basenji. My husband and I have finally decided to add another one to our family so we have been anxiously awaiting a litter to be born from our breeder. We got the news last week so we should be bringing home a little girl sometime in February and get to pick her out (or shall I say pick us out) in January. As you can imagine we are very excited!

I am excited to talk with other basenji people and get tips on adding a new one to the family!


Great are you getting a B from Sally? I think that she is the only reputable breeder in MN that has any puppies this year.

Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to learn…I know I have learned alot.


Great are you getting a B from Sally? I think that she is the only reputable breeder in MN that has any puppies this year.

There are some cute pictures of Sally's pups on her website.

Yes, I am getting one one of the girls from her most recent litter on 12/15. I will post pics once I get them!

Welcome and congrats!!!

Can't wait for pics!!!

Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pics of your B's!

Welcome to our pack ljsabo!
I have had two of Sally's dogs now (one died recently) - she does a marvelous job - you'll be happy!

I currently have one of her dogs that was born back in '04 and he has been so great and hence why I have decided to get another one. The waiting is so hard though now that I know she has been born. I simply can't wait! Thanks for all the warm thoughts and replies to my intro!

Cool. Nemo is descended from Sally's dog Del. It's possible our dogs might be related. It's kinda fun seeing how all of the dogs are related, particularly in one geographic region. And I can relate to the waiting. I won't get my pup till February either.

The first time I went to visit Sally and to just see if I was interested in getting a dog from her Del was there. I absolutely fell in LOVE with him and after a few hours with him and her other dogs there was no way I wasn't going to get one. That is pretty cool to here Nemo is one of Del's; thanks for sharing!

Boy, I just love this forum! It is so much fun!

Welcome, I can't wait to see pictures!:D

Our new baby boy Bruce is a Del son. He is charming!!


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