• Hello, My name is Gina,29 years old, married with a 2 year old- Owen. I have a 4 year old akc lab and last month I went to a rescue shelter in York NE, ( I live in Lincoln, NE) and brought home my baby girl, Sally. She is a 3 year old lab, basenji mix. I know she isn't purebred and that counts to a lot of people, but she is more basenji than lab. She is a cat in a dogs, body, i think she is part fox! I was hoping to make some friends with other basenji people.

  • Hi Gina, and welcome!
    I'm JoNell. I'm married w/six kids, two cats, and two dogs – one a 12 yr old golden retriever mix, and the other is an almost 2 yr old Basenji, Jazzy.
    Jazz is our first Basenji, and has stolen our hearts completely!
    Welcome to the forum and to Basenji World....it's a different world, but certainly never a dull one!
    Don't forget to post photos of Sally!

  • Welcome, Gina and Sally! You certainly will find lots of info here. It is a fun place to chat with other B/Bmix people. When we first got Joey, my husband said, "That's a cat trapped in a dog's body!!" Joey is our first basenji and my hubby is starting to understand him more now.

  • Welcome to the forum, enjoy the fun. All kinds of B's here.

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