• Re-introduction

    I have not posted on the Basenji Forums for some time since joining in 2006 and thought it would be best to re-introduce ourselves. I'm Bryan Gregory. I have been breeding basenjis under the kennel name of Jumoke since 1985. I'm a AKC Breeder of Merit, and recipient of AKC Gold and Silver Medallion for finishing 10 or more Conformation Champions out the Bred By Exhibitor class. My beginning with basenjis started as a teenager when my mom purchased a basenji, Lady, from Bob Mankey and Jack Shafer's Cambria Basenjis in 1977 for my dad. A life long dream of his after seeing Good By My Lady. I purchased my first basenji from Shelia Smith, Tennji Basenjis, in 1981, and consider her my mentor. Sheila purchased her first basenji from George Gilkey, Rhosenji Basenjis in 1950. Sheila's experiences with George, including some of the very first basenjis in the United States shaped Sheila's breeding practices and mine. And the rest snowballed.

    My wife is Laurie Gregory and often we use the same social media account. We have been married nine years ago to this day. Laurie is also a AKC Breeder of Merit, and recipient of AKC Gold and Silver Medallion for finishing 10 or more Conformation Champions out the Bred By Exhibitor class. Laurie purchased her first basenji, from Susan Coe in 1981 and bred her first litter in 1985, establishing the kennel name of Quita. Laurie is a avid photographer, who is actively doing canine sport photography and a few basenji specialties. Her work can be found on the Jumoke Photo blog, breed publications, and Facebook.

    Together, we have bred 50 to 60 conformation champion basenjis over the last 25 years or so. Which would squarely set us as conformation breeders. However, as part of our breeding practices, we believe in the ideology of the complete basenji. We are also very active in Lure Coursing, and dabble in Obedience. Many of the top Lure Coursing basenjis in the Northwest are descendants from our breeding. Laurie is now pursuing Rally and Agility. We focus on balance, which include issues as conformation, companionship quality, health, temperament. Several members on the Basenji Forums have dogs which we have bred. We also support rescue, all dogs deserve a good home.

    Recently, we are noted for our trip to Africa. In March 2010, with James Johannes and Lisa Saban, we travel to Democratic Republic of the Congo and brought back 5 dogs. The older two of these dogs have been accepted into the AKC Basenji Stud Book Registry. James is preparing his petition for this year for one of these dogs. One of the puppies who tested as a fanconi carrier was placed as a pet with member Sharron Hurlbut. It was deemed that it would to difficult to work with this dog and her carrier status.

    Currently the following basenjis live with us:

    Maya, 14 yrs, Chekesha's Yodel'N For Grandma
    (returned to us this year, due to her owners no longer being able care for the her)
    Sprite, 11, yrs, Ch. Jumokebaru Mischievous Sprite
    (Brood Bitch Honor Roll, 7 Champions)
    Max, 6 yrs, Ch Jumoke's American Dream SC
    Congo, 3 yrs, Ch Jumoke South House Congo
    (Special, pursuing his grand Championship)
    Melina, 3 yrs, GCh Ch Jumoke's Superfecta
    (Planned breeding in 2012)
    Betty, 3 yrs, Ch Jumoke's Trifecta
    (Special, pursuing his grand Championship

    • Planned breeding in 2011)
      Mosika, 1 yr, FC Ntomba Mosika SC
      (African Import, Lure Courser Extraordinaire)
      Shaker, 8 mos, Jumoke's Twist and Shout
      (young hopeful, Melina's first litter)

    and our pending basenji,
    Peanut, 1 yr, Ntomba Lokolonga
    (African Import, possible petition in 2012)

  • Oh, Bryan, welcome! Glad you can inform this group about the trip to Africa.

  • Welcome from the UK to you and your 'tribe'.

  • Welcome Bryan. My husband and I met you last year at the EBC Specialty (my husband uses a wheelchair). At that time, we were basenji-less. We now have Kipawa, our 11 month old companion dog, that we were able to get from Therese and Kevin Leimback. He's our pride and joy. 🙂

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