• It is time for me to come out of lurking mode. My name is Liz and my basenjis are Katy and Vegas. I spend my life (outside of the paying job) on line doing rescue for BRAT. I read forums occasionally to see what is being discussed and did not even realize that I had never joined any forum discussions. I, of course, love talking about basenjis. My own, and the many we have fostered, have taught me many lessons since we adopted our first B in 1993.

  • Well Hello Liz - Glad you've decided to pipe in here. Please post pictures of Katy and Vegas. Also, mucho KUDOS to you for your work with BRAT. Need I say more? Thank you!

  • Welcome Liz & pups! I'm sure you'll have a lot to contribute with all of that experience! This is a great site to learn, share and have fun.

  • Welcome!!! And so glad that you rescue.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum!! I've done home visits for BRAT and will be traveling to Chattanooga,TN for Paws in the Park for BRAT in October!! Can't wait to see photos of your b's!

  • Hi Liz and welcom…. haven't talked to you in ages....

  • Hi mom!!!!

  • Hi Liz. You were the coordinator for one of my adopted boys, his name was Benji, but I re-named him Sawyer. I adopted him in July. Welcome to the forum. It has helped me a lot with understanding my Basenjis.

  • Hi Liz.
    You also were my initial contact with BRAT. Not sure if you remember Tucker (I kept his name since I grew up in Tucker, Ga AND he was 4 when I adopted him). You might better remember that we share the same last name and had an email exchange to see if there was a tie somewhere amongst those we descended from! 😃

  • Hi Liz, and welcome! You forgot to mention your very awesome son, whom we have already gotten to know here! Glad to "see" you!

  • For all you do, thanks. I am so glad there are ppl like yourself that help with BRAT. It is a great organization, with those that love Basenjis.

  • i agree - BRAT does great work - my boy - who is snoring right now - is from BRAT and he is by far the best handsome boy on four legs i know! *but don't we all think that! welcome!

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