• hello we are new to the forum
    we are a family of 5 + 1 basenji/lab female
    our girl is 4 years old predominately black and very basenji

    her name is Spijs (dutch for spice, sounds the same)
    and her name fits her perfectly she is a very spicy gal!
    today whiel we were away she was unusally rotten
    she got under the tree and opened and ate a gift my husband had gotten for me.. a large bar of extra pure dark chocolate!:eek:
    thankfully she is fine, thought the vet hospital warned me on what to watch out for. apperntly she ate enough to kill a dog her size…
    i think the food and water dish being empty may have helped dillute the chocolate...thankfully she is fine.. we took her for a nice long hike and she is very happily resting here on the bed! (on her gold satin blanket....she spolied, and that a whole other story) Id love to hear stories about your basenjis.,,

  • Great picture!! Share the rest of the story with us, please.

    They love that chocolate, but it hates them!! Glad she's OK.

  • Lovely family you have.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!!
    I was wondering how Spijs got his Dutch name!

  • Welcome to the forum. You'll find all kinds of fun stories here.

  • My husband (dutch) and I (american) both love dogs. we grew up with them.
    When we lived in holland we often talked about how much we wanted a dog. But we chose not to have one becasue we felt the houses and yards were simply much to small….When we moved to America we bought a nice house in the country on 5 acres of unfenced land. Once we got setteld in we started tlakign about gettign a dog again. we looked at the local pet shops but found the prices a bit high. finaly we went to the local pouns and dog shelters... the shelter was full of old dogs. and tha was a big problem as one of our chidlren was deeply afraid of dogs (any size) so we knew we needed a puppy. One afternoon i drove to the dog pound... i started walking thru, it was full of puppies all bouncing barking yapping... it was abit overwhelming. all very cute but to me quite wild....
    as i neared the end i came across a pen with a few puppie smixed together defintly none of them were related and all but onw was frantic for my attention.. this one lone puppy was simply very intent and curiose. no frantic barking nad yapping just astute inspection. i asked to see this puppy.
    she took me to a room and then brought the puppy... It circled the room and then come close to me and sniffed...it licked my hands playfull the then layed down and i rubbed its tummy.. it was a very peacefull puppy it woudl wander around the room sniffing hten come back for more tummy rubb... simply the most addorabel puppy i had ever seen.. she seems to instantly understnad tha ti ment her no harm but she was insatiably curiose about everything. I sat ont he floor with her and called my husband and aske dhim to come ot the pound to meet this amazing puppy... he was smitten instantly! she gave him a once over then wallowed in tummy rub heaven... and we simply had to take her home. she was so layed back and so alert and oddly VERY quiet!!!!!!! .... when we filed hte paperwork for her we were told she was a basneji /lab mix which explained her odd silence compared to all the other puppies... AS we had nothing for a dog at home my husband tucked her into his coat and drove her home whiel i went to teh store to get puppy everything! And so starts the story of Spijs, our guardian and compainion.


  • What a great story and pup picture! Thank you for sharing.

    Isn't it odd how that one dog, for some unknown reason, pulls at our heart strings. Thank you for giving this dog a forever and loving home. Another rescued B.!! Good job!!

  • Welcome to this forum! nice photo!!

    Spijs is a nice name and a very nice dog.. 🙂

  • What a great story. Isn't it funny how basenjis, even when a mix, always stand out 🙂

  • That was a great story. My 12 year old Welsh Corgi did the same thing a couple of years ago. The vet watched her but she wasn't sick. Didn't learn from experience either - thankfully I did. I just recently "rescued" a Basenji from a puppy mill. Her name is Glory - my 6 year old Granddaughter really liked the name. Glory is wonderful but I have never seen a puppy clutter up a room as fast as she can. My 4 year old Corgi hides under the computer desk when Glory goes on one of her "rampages."

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