Hello my name is drummamamma and we are adopting a Baseji this week. I have been doing lots of reading about the breed and am excited to pick up my pup this weekend. He is a rescue and a purebred basenji. I have another adult dog who is from the pound who will I predict be great with the puppy. I hope to be able to get advice and insight on my dog by reading this forum. 😃

Welcome to the forum, great fun and education. Good luck with that B puppy and post a pic when you can.:)


Welcome!! Do share pics of both your furBabies!!! You'll find great stuff here & a wealth of information to help you get adjusted to your new pup.

How exciting! Welcome to the site and your new basenji will be so much fun!

Welcome! Can't wait to see pics of your little ones!

Thanks my daughter and I are very excited. We have done quite a bit of homework and have friends that have Basenjis so we are ready for the ride. We have met our Basenji already and it was definitely love at first site. Now we just have to make sure our other dog feels the same way! But since the adult dog is EXTREMELY friendly and loves other dogs we are hoping it will be a good match. 😃

Very, very exciting!!

Wow…and welcome! This is a great site to learn and share. Please let us see the little pups when you can!

Wonderful, we are glad to have you! Welcome:D

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