• Hi, I'm Linda, and I've been a member (though not a terribly active one since Facebook arrived) for a bit over 10 years. WOW! I became involved with Basenjis in early 2001 when I adopted a mostly blind 15 year old red and white B girl named Crystal who was about to euthanized because she was blind. She had belonged to an apartment neighbor of mine who had fallen on hard times, and since I was at that time moving to a house with a good safe yard with my elderly Lab mix, Camin, I offered to take Crystal, because other than her vision issues, she was still full of energy. In the remaining year of Crystal's life, she captured me heart and soul on behalf of all Basenjis forever!

    I have been an active volunteer with BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) for nearly as long as I've had Basenjis. Two of my current Bs, 15 year old Tag and 13 year old Ivee, are BRAT rescues. Taj, who you will find ample mention of in my old posts as my little guy I've raised from a pup, is now 13 as well. I also have a non-B muttlet, Little Horse (age 11 or so), who came to me via BRAT connections, but that is a long and complex story.

    I would attach pictures of my crew, but I can't quite figure out how to do it in this new format, but I will share when I get the chance.

    Have a barootiful day,

    Hemet, CA

  • Welcome back Linda.

    I also didn't know how to post new pics here...! But it turns out it is easy. You can either link to a picture account (like photobucket) either pasting in link address...

    or simply upload here by clicking the end icon and finding the pic on your computer

  • 0_1458142746012_10655280_10205242705571639_3507471197527243242_o.jpg

    Thanks for the info! That was easy. This is a picture of Tag and Taj from a couple of years ago at a South Coast Basenji Fanciers fun meet. Would you believe these two, er, chubby and mature men tried lure coursing for the first time that day and LOVED it?


    This is Ivee from a bit over a year ago being ever so slightly judgmental of my skills as her driver, LOL.

    Hemet, CA

  • I love Ivee's expression! Thanks for posting and welcome back. 🙂

  • Love the expression on Ivee... yep, judging you! 🙂 Tag and Taj are handsome!

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