• First Basenji's

    Hi, i am sadia. Have set my eyes on Basenji and have bwen thinking to get one. Here to read and hear from other Basenji owners about their experiences so i can make an informed decision.

  • Where do you live? What kind of basenji do you want? Puppy, older, breeder or rescue?

  • First Basenji's

    @DebraDownSouth, thank you and nice to meet you virtually 🙂 . I live in Washington DC, my husband and i both are confused if we should get a puppy or a year old Basenji. The puppy is our desire but we are afraid how to leave him behind when we are at work in initial months. I can arrange to work twice a week from home for a month, but it would still be two full days to leave the dog home alone. 😞
    I have read the elder can be left alone relatively easy.
    We are not going for a resuce dog for our first ever dog. I have contacted a few breeder in MD and VA. A couple of them don't have any at tgis time but will continue my search.

  • If you are looking for a young adult, then go to the BCOA and contact breeders near you. They may have or know of dogs. Also, there are 2 two-year-olds available as a pair (brother and sister) from a breeder on the east coast. As for rescues, I have had both rescues and breeder's dogs. I have not had any more issues with rescues from a good rescue than from good breeders. A good rescue has evaluated dogs for behaviors, as well as Fanconi testing. Camp Basenji in Florida has some really nice dogs. You can also check the BRAT page.

    Right panel gives states:

    http://www.campbasenji.org/ She does not have most of the dogs listed as she prefers to know the people and suggest ones that are good fits.


  • @DebraDownSouth thank you. I have been in touch with some breeders fpund of BCOA, a couple of them expecting to have puppies in Nov, and ready to be in their new home by Jan next year. But i have not checked rescue basanji and BRATso will definitely explore these sites.

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