A re-introduction

Hi! this is a re-introduction. Some long term members may remember me, most probably do not. I haven't posted here in about a year. some may remember my dog, Tucker, a basenji-x. he was struck by a car last year… he's made a full recovery, has minimal lasting affects. Occasionally we notice a slight limp when he plays very hard, but otherwise, he's been fine.

In the past year we've had a new addition to the family, of the 2 legged variety. Our son was born last Sept. Tucker has been above and beyond excellent with the baby, which is a huge relief. He used to be noticeably ill-behaved around toddlers, however, now he's getting quite used to little ones.

Anyways, I received an email about a comment on one of my photos in the gallery (Thanks Wizard, for the compliment), which prompted me to check in and see what's been happening around here. I'll poke around for a while, I have ALOT to catch up on!

Welcome back to the forum! 🙂

Basenji Mix

Hey Jessi76! 🙂

Last we heard, Tucker was on the mend, so I did wonder where the heck you'd gone. Welcome back! You've been busy - with your new arrival, a little boy! How wonderful and congratulations!

Great you checked back in. I did notice your well manicured nails in the picture covering Tucker's "privates". It's very comical. Kudos - Wizard for the email, prompting jessi. Some of us are still hanging around. Happy you're back! Good thing Tucker is proving to be a protective big brother in your home. 🙂

Welcome back.

Welcome back to Basenji world!

LOL, thanks… the manicured nails were BEFORE baby's arrival... they look quite horrendous now. Thanks for the welcome back... I've been looking through the photo galleries... oooodles of gorgeous B's to ooooh and aaaah over! I love it! I've missed this forum for sure

Congratulations on your new 2-legged pack member and how well Tucker has seemed to recover and accepted his new baby brother.

Bless you and your family and again, congratulations.

P/S….you're probably a step ahead of other newer moms. Having a Basenji in the home means you've already baby proofed the house.!!!! 🙂

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