A new introduction


I already posted a thread to say hello and introduce myself, but somethings have changed! We had to choose between two breeders in the Czech Republic..

Well.. we chose for a third breeder, in Sweden: Elegant Elephant. We will pick up our boy at the end of February. We will leave on February 23 to spend a week in Sweden. We are very much looking forward to meeting our baby boy!

Some pics:

His name is Mirtillo.



Adorable pup, Mirtillo is very cute, looks to be a very squarely built pup

Thank you 😃

We're reeaally happy with him!!

So cute! I love the wrinkles…congrats...he is adorable.

A typical basenji… how sweet!!!

I wish you much luck the last waiting days.. it's just horrible to wait on such a great puppy!

Oh the waiting game is the worst! Hoping time flies by so you can go pick up your little one! He is certainly a looker 🙂

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