• I finally got around to putting on some pictures.

    Kiora at the park

    She likes the slide

    Kiora and her favorite kitty, Merril (Or should I say the only kitty that likes her)

    O.K question…Are these pictures o.k for her ILP?

    I am going to put some pics of Ananda and Keoke on the other pets forum too.

  • This is a very good looking dog, IMO.
    Thanks for sharing the photos…
    How did sliding with your b' go???

  • Great shots, lovely pup. I had to laugh about the second pic.. Tillo would go CRAZY if I would try to slide with him.. 😃

  • Nice pics!!!!

    I've to smile when I see the face of Kiora sliding!

  • Great pictures! I do think those last two would be fine for the ILP, but I have very limited experience. The ones I sent in for Lola weren't very great, but as long as they obviously look like a basenji (which I think she does), and you can prove she is spayed, you're good. Also, if you know any breeders or BRAT volunteers who have met her, write down their name as a person who can attest to her breed on your application.

  • Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  • Sweet Basenji girl!:)

  • Thanks! I love my little dog! The reason for her attentiveness on the slide is that another dog had appeared at the park at she was trying to look at it. She does pretty good on the slide…all of my dogs like it. But she is the only one I cannot send on the slide by herself....but that's just because she's a B. Unfortunatly i don't really know anyone around here who is a member of BCOA...Pheonix's owner is the clostest basenji owner I've had contact with. But I don't think it will be to problematic right? I mean clearly she's a basenji. Thanks Sharron, i think she is good looking too, but I consider myself highly biased. 🙂

  • We all love our dogs, be they PB, mixes or maybes….
    I think the main thing we all have in common is that we want to learn how to read our dogs so we can be the best humans they can own.

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