Look at me !!!
First Basenji's

What a cutie!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH … I want another B!!!!!

First Basenji's

The quality was fantastic!!

What a cutie he is … <sigh>wanting another female B ...</sigh>

OMG… wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles! Too cute!!!:D


He's cute! His head reminds me of Wanyika Fauzi. Are they related..? Both Abotere in the lines isn't that right?

Yep, you're quite right Janneke, both mom and dad of Bendji are Abotere's (Abotere's Badiri x Abotere's Malik) and Bendji's grandfather Baagna Qs Sparkler is also Fauzi's granddad !:)
Personally I have the impression that Bendji's head is a bit slimmer than Fauzi's (Australian lines) but they are of course ALL extremely beautiful !!;)

That is too cute… I love that picture.... "What a boy"....

I love the way the tongue is sticking out.

This made me LOL.
What a sweet photo.
Thanks for sharing

Seems like he likes to sleep with his tongue out a lot, doesn't he?!?!?:p


Seems like he likes to sleep with his tongue out a lot, doesn't he?!?!?:p

I hope it is not AT me hahaha !!:p The little rascal.
He is learning VERY fast and his little "baby teeth" are becoming sharper every day !!! 😉

We're practising to walk Bendji on a lead/leash and I must say that he's a very good pupil !:)
And of course, I took some pictures ! Enjoy.;)

Very cute! He's doing great, isn't he?

Gosh, he is beautiful! I just love his wrinkles!!! ADORABLE!

Just a question 'off topic'.. where is my respond with the pic of Tillo?
I've noticed it before that posts went missing.. I find it quite annoying..

He is such an adorable pup! The wrinkles are so precious 🙂

Sea-weed bar

Delicious !!

Can't get enough of it …

Paw Paw

With Pom Pom

Pom Pom rocks!

Absolutely adorable!

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