Looking for Maverick Relatives :)

Just thought Id see if anyone on here had B's related to Maverick. Its a Long shot maybe but, Ill give it a try. Here is his Line:


If you do have a Basenji related to us, Id love to see a pic and know who were related!!! (((But You are ALL Our Basenji Brother And Sisters!)))

Isn't our new member Zelda a Player daughter?


Yes, new puppy Zelda would be a half sib to Maverick (Player is the sire of both of them).

Aw Cool!! Id Love some Pics!


Aw Cool!! Id Love some Pics!

That would be Zelda, bunch of Video's already posted… it is that cute little Tri puppy girl....

Yeah I just saw. Its Awesome to see some Sibs of Mav. Cool 🙂

Yes, it is always fun to find Basenjis related to our own….

I know this is an old thread, but I found it interesting that AJ has a Calez Dog in his pedigree. Great-grandfather: Ch Calez Executive of Em Basi was father of Ch Bushbabies Charles in Charge, AJ's Grandfather. I'm not sure how closely related he is to your Maverick, perhaps second cousin thrice removed? 😃

So - if AJs Human brought it up, again… 😉

Both of my dogs have Reveille Boutonniere as great-grandfather, too.
Far related, but related 😃
But I think he isn't that rare in pedigrees…

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