Do I look comfy?

I usually sleep next to a cute little ball of basenji tucked into the back of my legs…today I woke up to this...I guess he could feel the 90 degree humidity too!! :p:p

He certainly does look comfy 😃

First Basenji's

Haha… I must resist the urge to reach out to my screen and paint a little black box over those scandalously exposed parts. 😉

First Basenji's

LOL! It must be comfy. Cody sleeps in the same position 90% of the time too.

HAHAHA! Thats so cute! Idk why but i wasnt expecting that at all lol

Oh, the life of a basenji - sigh. 🙂

They sleep in the funniest positions! Our like to sleep tucked behind the knees also - and burrowed under the covers - I keep the house at 77 degrees - Shaye thinks that's cold, and sleeps in the 94 degree weather out on the porch in the sun.

Cairo is guilty of that sleeping position 75% of the time, in my bed no less.

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