• Several days ago I had given EL D a bully stick that he had been chewing on for several days and was now only about 4 maybe 41/2 inches long. As I was cleaning up the yard I kept my eye on him because I didn't want him to bury it in my flower beds nor did I want him to get stuck on it. After a bit, I noticed he was no longer chewing and I assumed he had buried it in the flower beds though I couldn't really find any new holes.
    Yesterday we were in the yard enjoying an exceptionally warm day and I was going around and cleaning up his droppings when what did I find – yes :eek: indeed -- I found this one big pooplog with the whole bully stick in it! I can't believe it passed through his system like that without causing problems. OMG!

  • That is amazing…Sounds painful!

  • With Zip the last bit of bully stick usually comes back up the other end if she manages to swallow it and I don't catch it in time. I have definitely dealt with more dog throw-up than I anticipated. I was ready for the poo, haha.

  • HA ha! That is so funny! When Foster was a puppy he used to eat whole pecans that had dropped out of the tree in the backyard and then the next day he'd walk around for ten minutes trying to poop the whole thing out! He learned pretty quick not to eat them!!

  • Poop stories are the best !

    glad he is ok

  • My husband hates to go to dinner with my dog friends, as we tell these type of stories over the meal.

  • Sharron – too funny 😃 😃 😃

  • Haha. That is crazy! Glad he's okay after passing ahem something to that extent. 😃

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