Why We Have Child Safety Locks

  • We have child safety locks on our cupboards and most of the low placed drawers in our house. This picture shows the reason why. Apparently one of us didn't correctly latch the lock and the basenjis had some "fun" today.

  • Oh my, oops

  • Must have been a great day for them 😃

  • Looks like the had a party-without the liquor!

  • Yaaaa - party time 😃

  • Is this just something you get or you don't with the breed?

    Shango has NEVER ripped apart anything like that. I do not crate him when I'm at home (no worries, it's absolutely safe) and everyday I come home, nothing is destroyed and greets me at the door.

    Are there other B's out there who don't destroy?

  • Mine only pull stuff off shelves or out of cabinets it get attention, they never do it when we're gone!
    Anne in Tampa

  • @lvoss:
    omg - What a mess to clean! 😞 Kids and dogs, practically never a dull moment.

  • Sahara has destroyed lots of my stuff, basically when she was younger. Now she will surf my tables, kitchen counters when she wants my attention, this would probably stop if I walked her more. She never destroys her stuff animals or toys, just mommy and daddy's things! But what can we say, we still love her and try to remember to put things up out of her reach, daddy is worse than mommy about this now that she has learned her lesson. haha!!!! She is still worth all the stuff destroyed and more!!!! And by the way, she would love to get into my kitchen cabinets especially the one under the sink, there is a swiffer dusting thing that she just loves.

  • I love it! Basenjis are such little stinkers.

  • EL D destroyed the previous owner's house but has never done a single thing to mine. He's torn up some afghans that I gave to him and of course his toys but never anything of any value.

  • Mine do not usually make such a mess. My boy will chew and unstuff some types of doggie beds and he is the one that opens the cabinets and drawers. The girls enjoy emptying the cabinets and drawers that the boy opens. Even if we didn't have the safety locks it is not an every day behavior, usually it is an "I'm bored", behavior.

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