• In Memory of our beloved "Benny"….

    I did these last week… kids did the standard ones... I chose to share my love for The Man Benny!

  • Lovely work 🙂

  • very cool!

  • Okay now I'm tempted to try one myself.

  • Love, Love the B pumpkins, especially the headshot one. Tell me how to do one for myself, did you make a stencil?

  • Oh Kathy those are GREAT. You find so many wonderful ways to remember that sweet boy, and wow I wish I had the patience to make one of those, sadly I fail in the crafty department. 🙂

  • Great work! I love them!

  • Amazing! I wish I were that talented with my carving abilities! 🙂

  • Those are great!!! I love them!

  • Thank y'all much!!

    My left pointer finger wasn't as complimentary with that big old blister…
    but hey, it was Benny...
    so all worth it!

    I have been drawing that picture for years and years [it was taken in Spring 1998], so can do it in my sleep now!
    Draw/outline then you can do it more than one way.

    On the movement shot, I taped the outline on the pumpkin. Then used one of the turkey baster pokers [that you tie the string with and jab in the turkey] and "poked" the outline. removed the paper and cut it out!

    On the head shot, I cut the outlie out then used a ball point pen to outline my picture. I took off the picture and drew the face on it. this one is CARVED quite deep into the pumpkin. When the candles are in it and it is dark outside, it is really cool looking:

  • Really, really cool!! 🆒

  • I love them! I would try to do that but would probably slice a finger off. 🙂

  • excelllllent pumpkins - we just did ours today!

  • WOW, great work

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