• How do I get Sahara to stop jumping on people when they come to my door, or inside? As soon as the doorbell rings she is off to the front door like lightning struck her. She does not jump on me, I taught her to set to get petted when I come home from work. I say, "Sit Sahara" and she does, do I do the same when people come to my door?

  • <_>

    Yes. And…keep a leash on her when people are coming to the door. Step on the leash to keep her from jumping when greeting. When she is calm, ask her to sit, reward her when she does. Don't let anyone give her any attention until she has four on the floor._

  • Amen to the leash. That was my salvation in terms of fear of Gibby bolting out or jumping on visitors. After many months of making this the norm, he now sits and waits for the leash to go on and allows people in without immediately jumping on them. Naturally, he is curious after he is unleashed but he doesn't feel the need to jump up to get attention. With B's it sure does take months of reinforcement to get the concept identified but they will respond if you are consistent.

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