• I have a 15 week old Basenji pup named Marley, She has adjusted to her new home quite well, mostly house broken, no destructive behavior, etc.

    With the exception of crate training, she has been in the crate at nite for about a month. When crated she becomes very agitated to the point where she sometimes thrashes around wildly, scratches at the door, etc. She will do this till she is worn out, sometimes up to an hour. The bedroom her crate is in also has another crate with 2 dogs in it, so she is not alone in the room.

    I figured she would grow accustomed to the crate like the other dogs did, but it almost seems like her behavior is growing worse, I have tried putting her in the same room with me and my wife when crated but it has no affect, same behavior.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, I have done some reading here about making the crate a safety place for her, but her reactions to the crate vary from extreme agitation to wild behavior.

    Thanks in advance

  • Is she crated at night and when you work?
    If so, IMO, its too much crate time.

  • I have/had the same problem with my Keoki – the whole long ordeal has been played out on this forum more than once, LOL -- the only thing that really worked for us {after trying various training methods and medication...it was about a 15 month battle} was getting a large wire crate that is large enough to contain two dog beds and to crate him with my other Basenji.

    We had a similar situation - two other dogs, all slept in the same room, etc.
    We even tried crating him with the other B in a plastic crate, but that didn't work either. Even tried keeping him in a ex-pen with the other B instead of any crate. It's weird that didn't work, but the wire crate does.

    He'll even use his foot to open the door if it's closed TO GET IN TO TAKE HIS NAPS. Go figure.

    Since we got the wire crate in July, he has been sleeping peacefully all night, he crates peacefully if we have guests over, he hasn't done any damage to his bed or himself... it's been wonderful!!

    I know I've posted these before, but...

  • If she is crated in your room so you can monitor that she is not chewing it up, a Snuggle Puppy might help. They come with a heating pad and heartbeat to make puppies feel like they still have a littermate.


    If you use the coupon code "basenji", you will get a 10% discount.

  • One of my puppies did this and then one day it just stopped but it stopped on her terms and now when it is time for bed. I just tell her time for bed and off she goes. But don't get me wrong it took WEEKS!!!! The thrashing finally silence. We always say Dolce' will do everything eventually in Dolce' time. For example, she would pee in the crate even though you let her out before bed and set the alarm for 2:00 am by 5:45 am she peed. Then one day it stopped. But nothing else changed - only her. Good luck

  • Everybody thanks for the advice, I am going to switch over to a wire crate and just have some more patience.

  • These are a few pics of Marley

  • Hey, Zest has a bed just like Marley. We call it her African Princess bed. Now, if only she'd use it instead of ours.

  • We initially put Indy's crate in the TV room, thats where everyone was always going in our small apt. We kept treats in our pockets at all times, the good dried beef liver ones. And any time he sniffed at the crate, treat. Then after a while sniffing wasn't good enough, he would have to put two paws in, etc.

    We never go in after him either, its his safe spot where he can go if he gets tired, needs a break, etc. We used to offer treats when he needed to come out now he just does.

    At this point Indy is crated during the day and is left out at night, his crate is in the bedroom with us and he is allowed to sleep in bed as long as he is not a pain. But on days when we don't go to work and he does not spend any appreciable time in the crate he chooses to sleep in there.

    Soo try lots of treats and patience. Thats all I can offer.

    Oh and we got him a HUGE crate its big enough for a lab, and he has it all to him self. When he was smaller we used the divider but now we don't.

    Also I would try putting a hand full of food in there with him just in case he gets munchy during the night. Not too much just a little bit, that way his crate is like a huge game of hide and go seek. Hide it under the blanket, where the toys are etc. Indy did this himself when we got him but it worked like a charm.

  • Just one thing to note, try not moving her crate around. If she gets used to one spot, it will be easier in the long run. Yes, I realize that you may want to move her crate in future, I'm talking about for now while she is learning her crate routine. The more you move her, she will figure out if she makes enough fuss that you will come see her, move her, accomodate her-whatever you want to call it. As some others have said, use something ie treat to entice her into the crate rather than throwing her in. She will begin to associate the crate with good things rather than stress her out right from the beginning. Lots of patience and time is required. Good luck!

  • hard to say if crating was a big negative in her puppy place for her that could account for her behavior now? Have you called her breeder to ask her/him? They sometimes can give you wonderful ideas that can help faster than the rest of us because they know their puppy.

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