• We just adopted Maverick from his breeder 4 days ago and I know everything is still new and we're all getting to know eachother. He is crate trained and somewhat food aggresive we were told. Funny enough we haven't had much issue with food (even begging at the table- we think his past owners fed him from the dinner table) But I think he's figured out he isn't getting anything from us so he just sits on the couch. But we've tried crating him while going out a few times this weekend and he cries and cries, pawing at the door. We ignore him and leave although it's sad. We crate him at dinner time with his dinner which he doesn't eat but once he can't see us in the kitchen anymore he cries. SO! I'm assuming he is having some seperation anxiety just because it's a whole new world for him. But I don't want him to think of his crate as punishment.
    We won't crate him in the future while we're at work, but for now at the beginning his breeder suggested we do so to help him understand who is in charge. We did leave him the the house for about 4mins while we carried something to the car, and he peed on the floor by the door. I know he didn't actually have to pee because I took him out right before that. So I definitily don't want him alone in the house right now or he will most likely destroy or make a mess on something else.

    So basically, some advice on why he's doing this or am I right about it? I think I will pick up a Kong toy for him to hopefully be distracted by while we leave. I'm hoping once he gets used to the routine around here he will be okay with going in his crate, I just really don't like him thinking of it as punishment.. if he is even.

    Thanks in advance! (p.s… I have talked to the breeder about this, but was curious about others ideas, too)

  • Dogs that are happy to be crated while other dogs are crated next to them often have an entirely different take on being left "alone" in a crate. I have had two that were "crate trained" but suffered major crate/separation anxiety in a new setting. In the first case, there was another dog…...but she hated his guts......and he was not a happy camper when we crated him and went out. In the second case, there was no other dog for company, and he had major anxiety that was resolved when we stopped using the crate. Bottom line, I will never assume a "crate trained" dog will be happy left alone in a crate in a new place. It probably works best with dogs that have been shown a lot "solo" and are accustomed to being left alone in strange places.......but how many people travel to shows with only one dog??

  • @eeeefarm:

    It probably works best with dogs that have been shown a lot "solo" and are accustomed to being left alone in strange places…....but how many people travel to shows with only one dog??

    I travel to dog shows and set up with only my one dog in the building. The other one usually stays back at the camp area in the trailer. But my female did have separation anxiety until we brought our boy home and now they are in separate crates next to each other during the day. She would much rather be crated like that than alone, alone is not pretty.

  • Usually aggression during eating is when you would put your hand over the food bowl while the dog is eating or touch/pet the dog while it is eating and the dog will try to bite you. Shelters will often test dogs while doing the first one. Many dogs flunk because they will bite the fake hand and they become rescue only because of it.


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