Having trouble getting your basenji to eat their food?

  • Shango's always been a very picky eater. He'll enjoy his food and eat it without problems for about two months and then he starts to grow bored.

    He's been eating Solid Gold for about four months now without problem. The secret?


    It's that simple! At work someone mentioned how she does this and it works like a charm so last week I started, before giving Shango his cup of food (with broccoli) I put it into the microwave for a short time just to warm it up and he LOVES IT!

    Try it if you're having problems, it's a miracle!

  • I am adding hot water to Thorn's kibble and it also does the trick!

  • My other dog wouldn't eat her kibble.. tried everything… And then I decided to give BARF a try.. She never had trouble eating again 😃
    Tillo also loves his meat 🙂

    So if the warming it up thing doesn't help, than this is an other tip to get your dog to eat 🙂

  • Instead of warming up the kibble, I dribble some of the water from cooked vegetables.

  • Hi i have a brown basenji dog for 4 months but i have a huge problem, i cant get him to eat.He is so skinny and weight 20.1 kg. I have tried everything but he still dont want to eat. My other 2 dogs are doing fine with there eating habits it is just Nano thet doesn't want to eat.Is there anyone who can help me because i tried many dog food and i even gave him cooked meat aswell but NO, he just walk away.The vet say thet there is nothing wrong with him and he is in goog health i should just tried to get him to eat.

  • Are you sure it's a basenji? 20.1kg is too heavy for a basenji. Medjai is a light basenji (also a little short) and he only weighs about 8.1kg. I think standard for a male should be about 11.3kg.

    He will eat if he's hungry enough, just do the best you can with picking something he'll like based on what the rest like and he'll eat it in time. If the vet says that nothing's wrong, go with it. It'd help if you could post pictures.

  • Do you leave the food out all day or only make it available at certain times?
    If Nano doesn't want to eat, take the food away until the next meal. He'll eat when he's hungry.

  • Dogs can get bored eating the same thing everyday like people. Add a little something different here and there. Not a drastic change. It's better for them anyway not to feed the same food year after year.

  • Year after year? Medjai gets new food every time I have to get him a new bag. Sometimes it's just a new variety of the same stuff, but sometimes it's a change in brand too. I just got him Taste of the Wild (the fish version) to replace his grain-free canidae which was the last one of them for him to have after switching around the canidaes.

  • I agree that it is good to switch around the food…

  • try mixing in a little peanut butter. Yum.
    or try putting a teaspoon of plain yogurt in with the food.

  • little warm baby food works too, it doesn't have any added sugars or salts and is good for them and they LOVE it, makes nice little gravy/sauce for them

  • Yes i'm sure it is a basenji, but it is not the short one he has long legs and is light brown and white.The reason why i said he doesn't want to eat or do not eat enough is that i can see his ribs and backbones and the vet also said that he is to thin. I don't have pictures of him right now but i will take pictures of Nano and post it so that you can see why i say he is thin.Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Yes, there is always food available for my dogs, they eat when they are hungry.Maybe i should try giving them food only in mornings and in the evenings and see if that helps.

  • That is fair enough but my other two dogs, a BOXER and a JACK RUSSEL eat the same food for almost over two years now and they are still doing graet.Now and then they will get a bone or dinner food aswell as NANO but NANo will eat it but not eat his pellets, WHY. Is it because he knows there is other food and so thats why he dont want to eat his pellet so that he would get my attention to give him the left over dinner, ex. rice or vegetables and meat.I am cluelless with this dog and i love him so much.

  • Peanutbutter you say.I have never tried it but what about my other two dogs, the eat their pellets.If i give NANO this won't he would never learn to eat his pellets because everytime he dont whant to eat he knows that i will give him something else, and isn't that wrong. Dogs should be able to eat pellet and now and then a bone here and there abd maybe the left over of dinner but not everytime, they will get used to eat left overs and not eat their pellets?

  • NANO is almost a year old. Friends of ours gave him to us because he was nauty and always jumping over fences, but since he stayed with us he still tries to get out but that problem has beeb fixed the only problem left is the food. I dont want to give him everytime something else to eat because they are going to get used to not eat their pellets because he know if he doesn't eat i will give him something better. MY other two dogs eat the same pellets for over two years now and they still love it, sometimes they all get a bone after a braai but not everyday.

  • I think you misunderstood - keep feeding Nano the pellets but occasionally mix in the other suggested food items. And feeding him at regular times instead of leaving the food available all day is better.

  • I almost wish i had that problem with Maya she will eat anything and everthing. I regularly find her IN the bags of dog food helping herself. She is a little pig.

    I had a pug who was a terribly fussy eater as a baby. Breeder said she definately will eat sooner or later, keep offering her a bowl of food etc etc etc. After about FIVE days of her eating nothing i had to start hand feeding her cooked chicken!! She is also a little pig now. Its so worrying when they are so fussy though.

    I've yet to have a dog that doesnt like the raw food though 🙂

  • @Maya:

    I've yet to have a dog that doesnt like the raw food though 🙂

    Unfortunately i did. I used to feed flank of lamb (before the Mad Cow crisis which put Lamb prices through the roof). One of my dobe boys used to grab his flank of lamb, run to the bottom of the garden, i presumed it was to eat in peace - but he would leave it for the girls to find - took me a few weeks to find out why he was losing weight and they were gaining.

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