• Anyone ever heard of Prairie?

    We just had to change Indys's food and this is what they guy at the petstore suggested. The ingredients list looks good and Indy loves it. We would like to feed Evo but he just explodes every time we try so thats not an option. We used to feed California Natural but you have to drive forever to get it. So anyone have any thoughts?

  • If you are going to feed EVO you NEED to mix food for about 2 weeks. THe change to no grain for most dogs will cause VERY loose stool for a week or so, especialy if you simply change over imediatly.

    Is the food Natures Variety? It seems to have a good ingredients list, and no corn or wheat, which is a BIG plus as far as I am concerned (What with Charlie's super allergy to corn)

  • Prairie is one of the foods that I rotate my cats on. They love it. It is a good high quality food.

  • I've used it - as does a couple of Gordon Setter breeders around here - dogs like it - seem to do well on it.

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