• Any other Bs out there like to "patrol" while eating? Darwin picks up a mouthful of food and then walks around the kitchen checking out the state of things. Also, he likes finish chewing his food over one of us. Foot, lap, whatever. Naturally I find his unique behavior completely charming!

  • HAHAHAHAH! Food Patrol!!

    My Katie will grab a huge mouthful in the kitchen, then come and spit it out in front of us and slowly eat piece by piece. She doesn't 'patrol', merely guards the spit out (unchewed) chow from Tyler. "Guarding" for Kate consists of stabbing Ty with her snout. Snout poking must be the Basenji equivalent to WMD, because Ty always backs off!! 😃

  • Both my pups do that! Drives me crazy when I'm walking barefoot and step on pieces of kibble in the living room and dining area. I think it's because they're so nosey they just want to make sure they don't miss anything you might be doing while they're eating.

  • Not mine… they have to eat in their crates... they get "X" time to eat and then it is gone till the next time....

  • Sahara does not do this but she is messey, messey. Her food bowl is always surrounded with food she has not eaten. I mix dry with wet and it can be messey, she just leaves it there.

  • Lenny eats all his food in the blink of an eye, but Tayda will periodically take one kibble in her mouth and leave it on the floor a few inches away from the bowl. Im not sure how she selects which ones get exiled, but usually when she's done eating, there are about 5 pieces of kibble laying around the bowl that just aren't good enough for her to eat. Lenny is happy to eat them for her though…. 😃

  • Cody will drop food, but Shasta is quick on the clean up…
    So, no kibble left to step on..
    Toilet paper, well that is something else!
    They like to run down the hall with it when we have company over.
    Funny to see folks faces when it happens!

  • Mine are boring… they just scarf it all down. Lola has a special bowl to slow her down. When they are done though, they switch bowls & they each lick the other's bowl clean to make sure nothing got missed. haha.

  • EL D just scarfs his down in one woof – however he does do this great little twirling in the air dance as I'm bringing his bowl to him.

  • Gosh, I wish Sahara would react that way, she eats to stay alive, never been a great eater.

  • This works for putting on weight on b's.
    Sahara might like this…what type of other food do you feed her?
    Subject: SatinBalls-WeightGain

    Satin Balls (for fast weight gain)

    10 pounds hamburger meat
    1 lg. box of Total cereal
    1 lg. box oatmeal
    1 jar of wheat germ
    1 1/4 cup vegetable oil
    1 1/4 cup unsulfured molasses
    10 raw eggs
    10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin or Knox flavored/joint care
    pinch of salt

    Mix all ingredients together, much like a meatloaf.
    Divide into 10 quart-size freezer bags and freeze.
    Thaw as needed

    2 pounds – 75% Lean Hamburger
    4 Egg Yolks
    1 Cup Wheat Germ
    1 Cup Oatmeal (cooked)
    1 Cup Protein Powder – Vanilla (for body builders)
    8 Oz Evaporated milk
    2 lbs Ricotta cheese

    Fry hamburger – don’t drain off fat. Break meat up into small pieces. Take
    pan of meat off heat & add the egg yolks. Mix in rest of the ingredients.
    Mix in milk and ricotta cheese last.

    Feed dog ½ cup dry food and ½ cup of mixture or feed weight gain mix only.

  • @youngandtired:

    Gosh, I wish Sahara would react that way, she eats to stay alive, never been a great eater.

    Some are just like that….

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