Booger & Lola "help" fold laundry

  • We just purchased a dryer after 1 1/2 years without one. Booger & Lola have never experienced freshly dried clothing, so today they are excited to help me out a bit…

  • Too cute 🙂

  • Our B will run towards the dryer when it beeps to signal that its done. He knows that when it beeps we take the nice warm clothes out and put them on the bed to fold (& our B is very quick to jump up and take full advantage of the warmth eminating from the freshly laundered clothing/towels/sheets.:D

  • hahahaha ours do that too 🙂

  • Mine just get in the basket with the freshly dried clothes!!!

  • mia actually helps make the bed.. when i throw the comforter on she tries to pull it off but somehow manages to pull it right into the spot i want it hahaha puppy house keepers

  • EL D used to try and pull the clothes out of the basket when I'd bring it up to sort. Now he just tries to grab things after they get sorted 🙂

  • I wish Tosca would just lay down on the freshly washed clothing 🙂 Instead…she just takes the various piles (first socks/underwear, then shirts, then, if nothing else, towels) and throws them all over the living room...certainly NOT a help!

  • Bella steals the socks and shakes the daylights out of 'em!!!:eek:

  • Yea, Sahara does the same, these Bs just want to be nosey and see what is going on with the pile of nice, warm, clean clothes. I try to hide the socks, underwear, bras from her by putting them on the bottom covered up. She loves to grab the towels and take off with them hanging behind, so funny~ You Gotta Love Em!!!!!

  • kiro steals socks too!!!! shakes em up and if i dont try to get it back she'll go for another and another…lolol and she loves to knock over all the piles.... brats arent they!!!!!!!!

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