• Every weekend I don't have a dog show I go to Marmon Valley Farm about an hour from my house. It is a Summer Camp, Weekend Retreat, Public Riding Stable. It is a Faith Base Christian program. They have about 160 horses. My AngloArab has lived there for the past 5 years. Before anyone gets the wrong impression of a "Public Riding Stable" let me say that the owners' children show in 4-H & have won at the State level, last April several of the horses were selected for Clinic Session at Equine Affaire Ohio, & the oldest daughter placed 7th in the Extreme Cowboy Race ( out of 38 ). All with Farm horses!
    Anyway I go as often as I can & ride my horse, Whistler. Last weekend he was Best Conditioned horse in the 4-H Competive Trail Ride with the oldest boy.:D
    When I am at the farm I let one of Basenjis run loose. Usually Moses is running around while I ride. He hangs out around the arena or lays in the shade by the arena. Moses is very careful around the horses because he has been taught not to chase them & to respect their space. I have yet to take Moses on a trail ride because there is too much wildlife to chase. I have taught Moses to find me & check in every few minutes, if I am out of sight. I don't know if this will hold up when deer, rabbits, & squirrels are added to the mix.
    Well the unfortunate happened 2 weeks ago. Moses was hanging out around the stables while I let Whistler graze in the front yard. As I was putting equipment away Moses noticed the peacocks in a pen.:eek: Of course he went into 'Must chase & kill mode'. More unfortunate was the fact that JR ( kinda pet rooster) was hanging out,NOT inside the pen. The good news was that Moses did come when I called but not until he had a mouthful of feathers & lots of blood.:eek: I now know "Who killed JR!"
    For now Moses & the other Ninjas are allowed at the farm but Moses is ON LEAD at all time. 😞 The girls are still ok to run loose.
    Moses was given a new title by the kids at Marmon Valley. 😃
    He is now DC Epic's In Da Nile SC RA NA NAJ PK (poultry killer). I am lucky to have foregiving friends who understand life & death.

    Becky & the Ninjas

  • Well glad it all worked out okay - but lesson learned right?

  • I now know "Who killed JR!" (giggle, giggle, giggle) I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time, but your wording cracked me up!!

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