First Obedience & Agility class -Rant-

  • Well last night we had our first obedience and agility class.

    I found out where i go is also where Hope's breeder used to go (lol).

    We had a good night, she done everything perfectly considering its her first time (if anything im going to be the one who lets her down, i have to work on me more then her! LOL - im not so co-ordinated as id like to be with food in wrong hand and some of the turns but i'll get the hang of it, its my first go at the agility stuff).

    She is one of the youngest in her class, so when the instructor is explaining stuff she is of course trying to play (shes like a fire cracker on the end of the lead) that settled down towards the end of the night (i wasnt too concerned as new place/heaps new dogs/first night/other dogs where just as bad lol etc). But thats something we will work on 🙂 she done her sits beautifully.

    So we had a go at the A frame (a mini one) and the instructors like just coax her up with food… Hopes like zoom bounds straight up the top and waits up the top of it haha me - gives her a treat and praise instructor - ok lure her down... Hope - zoom straight down to the bottom and waits (i made sure she slowed down as they are sposed to go over the yellow part which she done) ... hehehe other newbie dog falls off the side of A-frame repeatedly ^_^

    We had goes on the "wobble boards" - a board that wobbles/moves as they stand on it to get them used to movement, she done that great.

    We done tunnels - just point her to the tunnel and off she goes yay even done a small bend in the tunnel.

    Next we jumped on a square table and then walked a plank and done a mini see-saw which she had no issues with (other newbie dog falls off sides again lol).

    Then our last lesson, recall and turns (get anxious here)... sure Hope is good, but her recall SUCKS... Heaps of dogs and humans around, me thinking no way is she going to come to me.

    So my turn. Instructor holds Hope. i say release word (GO!) and omg ........ she comes to me! wooo hoo. So we do that a few more times and then we try some turns etc and end the night on a good note.

    I am absolutly STOKED with her!

    Of course, she goes up to the german shepard and starts playing with it (i watched the class previous and knew the german shepard was friendly as many foxies come up and played with it) bahaha it licks her face in one big slurp sigh GS breath anyone ? haha. and then she had fun meeting all the other dogs.

    I got told that shes very confident (wants to be friends with every human and dog, isnt fussed by the objects or anything i ask her to do, she will do.)

    We are also learning clicker training for the obedience side of things 🙂

    So yeah thats my little rave... im just so pleased 🙂

  • ah, another agility superstar in the making!!! Isn't it a blast?

  • @agilebasenji:

    ah, another agility superstar in the making!!! Isn't it a blast?

    I am hooked!! 😃

  • Well done, you guys! She sounds like she is going to be a natural at agility.

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