Otis finished his first Obedience Training..

  • Houston

    …so we had to brag.. Otis is the first Basenji to ..(according to the trainer) leave with anything in his backpocket..She was amazed at how much he was willing to do and show off..sometimes, but most importantly he did it on Diploma Day..yeah..I am very proud and slightly astonished myself. He learned of course how to sit (on command), down, loose leash walking, shake and high five and ...my favorite..leave it (and he does..:D). They also learned how to say hi to a new dog as well as stay. We have been working hard on the commands since "school" let out and he is improving even more. On monday we start the next level class, so more tricks and treats to come..

    He would not wear his graduation cap, like all the other dogs did, no way, he even bucked like a young steer when we tried to put it on...

    look Ma, I am shaking my paw..

    The funniest thing about the shake and high five is that now he will walk around and just high five your leg or anywhere on your body if you have something he wants..and the best one..he sits under the birdcage we have with his paw in the air, looking at you like…I am shaking...can I please have them??

  • Congratulations Otis!!! That's awesome Petra! Those are great shots too! He's really doing so well thanks to your hard work.

  • Way to go Otis nice job.

    Rita Jean

  • Congrats Otis!! That's great!

  • Congrats! I'm sure he'll do well in his next class too.

  • Awesome! Go Otis! Can't wait to hear what more brilliant things he's doing soon. 🙂

  • Houston

    Thanks all for his well wishes, he might need them. So far he is eager, if treats are available, to learn new things, so I am very hopeful.

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