First Time…

for the very first time, Panda joined the Lure Coursing Training of the Danish Sighthoundclub yesterday. She did so well and knew right away what to do. I have tons of pictures in our gallery (but beware, they are really more than 500 pics of the whole dogs running there). But a outtake comes here for you….

The Galleries can be found here:

and here:

The Galleries are splittet up in two sections: one before and after lunch. The course has been new after the lunch break…



See her flying!!! Very great picture!!!!
Do you have plans to course more?

Yes, at least we will join the Myndeklubben as a Member to participate in the Trainings for half of the price. And of course we will try to get the Coursing Licens for Panda and Jesty… As I found out I will have to travel again to participate in official Coursing competitions but Sweden is not too far from here and maybe I can convince the people from the Myndeklubben (Sighthoundclub) to have us participate in official Competitions as well....once we have the licens. Here in DK we do not have a Basenji Club, therefore there is no Competitions for B's available....



Good for Panda. She seems to enjoy it thouroughly..

I love to see the b's running and smiling.
This is a great photo…thanks for sharing.

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