• for the very first time, Panda joined the Lure Coursing Training of the Danish Sighthoundclub yesterday. She did so well and knew right away what to do. I have tons of pictures in our gallery (but beware, they are really more than 500 pics of the whole dogs running there). But a outtake comes here for you….

    The Galleries can be found here: http://myndeklubbengallerie.seelenfreund.dk/#54.0

    and here: http://myndeklubbengallerie.seelenfreund.dk/#55.0

    The Galleries are splittet up in two sections: one before and after lunch. The course has been new after the lunch break…



  • See her flying!!! Very great picture!!!!
    Do you have plans to course more?

  • Yes, at least we will join the Myndeklubben as a Member to participate in the Trainings for half of the price. And of course we will try to get the Coursing Licens for Panda and Jesty… As I found out I will have to travel again to participate in official Coursing competitions but Sweden is not too far from here and maybe I can convince the people from the Myndeklubben (Sighthoundclub) to have us participate in official Competitions as well....once we have the licens. Here in DK we do not have a Basenji Club, therefore there is no Competitions for B's available....


  • Houston

    Good for Panda. She seems to enjoy it thouroughly..

  • I love to see the b's running and smiling.
    This is a great photo…thanks for sharing.

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