Zpuppy goes her first agility seminar . . .

  • and doesN'T embarass momma. Yea! 😃

    I had an oppertunity to go to a seminar on running contacts. This is what I've been training Zest on in my backyard. Doing this by myself with major breaks in our training (first due to her coming into season and then because of the snow/cold that comes with the winter) I thought this was a great point in our training to get some outside feedback. And I figured I could do the Handler-vs-Obstacle focus in the afternoon with the malinois. The only problem was Zest is only 13 months old AND has never been off lead in a class setting (this was an indoor horse facility) or even gone to an agility class. We go to conformation class, but otherwise she's a homeschooled child. But, having run basenjis in agility for 7 years or so, I figure she can't embarass me more than has already been done. But still, one never knows exactly what a dog, especially a basenji, will do when you take the leash off for that first time. I warned the class early, most knew me and my circus, I mean my agility basenjis. Our first set up was a U tunnel to the Aframe. I unhook her and quickly say "Tunnel" and race off. She does and as she comes out I say "Frame" and she does - beautifully I might add. I think she impressed some people. I was so thrilled and we had to repeat the exercise a few times for the teacher to watch. She did miss the frame once or twice, but she did NOT run off and go visiting. And she did just as nicely with the dogwalk! I am so happy with her performance. She's got so much potential and it's nice to see my hard work starting to pay off. Now if we can continue down that path, and if I don't screw something up, she's going to be an awesome little agility girl!

  • Congrats! Any pictures or videos?

  • Oh gosh no. A recording device causes basenjis to misbehave in gigantic proportions. But here's one from a while back in my back yard.

  • Great Picture… I love when Brenda sends me pics of Lucy doing agility!...

    Hey, how is your "injured" one doing?

  • Jet is doing much better now thank you. He's been off his meds for a few days now and seems normal. I did brush him out (shedding like crazy) and didn't seem owie along his back. Movement is fluid; eyes look bright; and he's back to snarking at Zest.

  • That is a great photo! I love to watch competitions, but haven't seen a Basenji. Glad to hear Jet is better too.

  • That is great that Jet is better…!!!

  • WOW!! What a cool picture!!!

  • Thanks! I like that pic too. She has lovley form over the top of the frame, doesn't she? A nice low hop over the apex of the frame and a run down the frame hitting the yellow portion with all feet. That's the plan anyway. It seems like that pic was a long time ago - I'm wearing shorts and I feel like I've been snowed off my agility field forever. Weatherman says we're going to have nice weather this weekend so hopefully the winds won't be too bad and we can play.

  • Here are two pictures of Lucy in Agility… Lucy is owned by Brenda (sometimes on this forum) co-bred by myself and Jeff...

  • That's a great tunnel pic! Such intensity. I've never seen a jumping pic of Digital with back legs. One thing I got to say is, he's a very consistant jumper. No matter the photograhper, the place, the state, indoors or out.

  • Wow great photos! And great dogs! 🙂

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