Upcoming ASFA Lure Coursing-GA, TN & TX

  • Anyone going to these? They are being held this weekend in GA, next weekend in TN (3 days) and the Houston, TX area?

    I would be coursing Arnie, my older male in the FCh stake, although he is eligible for the Veterans stake. You may have seen him course at the National in KY last year in the FCh stake.


  • We will be coursing our two Fch in TN on the weekend only, couldn't get off work. We will be in McKinney Tx the next weekend for ASFA. This weekend we are heading to Shawnee OK for AKC. I have a friend coming to TN next weekend with one Fch and 2 or 3 open. She is going to GA this weekend with them. Sounds like you have better weather in GA than I will have in OK.

  • There will be quite a few Basenji people at the GA trials this weekend including myself. There should be 3-4 FCh and a couple opens, possibly more entries that I don't know of, plus numerous people coming out just to socialize.

  • I wish Ga were closer. We will be doing more AKC than ASFA this yr as thats what the clubs in our area are offering this yr. Maybe we'll be able to get a FC on our whippet as she is the only untitled one left.

  • I'm going!! I have two FCh's. And Carrie (Andrew on the forum) is running Callie, also an FCh. And others as well, like Lisa said.

  • How did you like running in nice warm GA? We only ran one day of AKC in OK as the rain turned real heavy overnight and continued into the morning, none of us wanted to run our whippets on a slick clay hill. See you in TN next weekend with my 2 boys

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