What my B did while I was at work on Friday

  • I keep my Bs corralled in the kitchen (it's a big one) with all dangers removed, just a crate, a couple of rugs and the a whole bunch of toys. Should be enough to keep a couple of Bs busy - right? :rolleyes: NOT!! When I got home I found my dog's crate crammed with Tupperware:p It was hilarious!! Someone had left the plasticware cabinet open just a tiny bit and she decided she needed some food storage items. Maybe she's going to start stashing food away for the winter. 😃 I have a picture of the crate and will post it when I figure out how.

  • thanks! i needed a laugh.

  • My mental picture is of the crate absolutely crammed to the gills with the tupperware 😃

  • Well we are getting near fall, I suppose its time to stock up for the long winter months. 😃

  • Lol. Aren't they just the best dogs!

  • Lycia is a sucker for tupperware… when I'm loading or unloading the dishwasher, I have to be extra aware or I'll go back in my room and find eaten tupperware treasures.

  • Personally EL D doesn't so much go for the tupperware style - he prefers that hard plastic that batteries and things are packaged in. I can't ever get those packages open so I just give the whole thing to EL D and he rips it apart in no time 🙂

  • Can't wait to see the picture!

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