Up and Comer moving right along…

Not only did my 9 year old son, Daniel, get his first two 1st place wins in the Novice Junior class the weekend of the EBC/WWHA shows, but he pointed our little black girl, BeBe, aka Itzyu Midnight Frolic at Khani's, last weekend… three points!!

Daniel at EBC specialty with puppy Baby:

Daniel in Cali with Miss BeBe [we can't wait for the real picture to arrive]:

This little boy not only is stealing hearts, but he is taking away the wins from the adults!!
Last summer, he put 3 points on two different male Bs up in Canada and two single points on our Adam on the way down to the BCOA national…
and now 3 points on Bebe.

So, next time you step in the ring on the west coast... take a good look and see if you are actually safe from the likes of this boy!

WOW…that's FANTASTIC! Congratulations Daniel! WAY TO GO!!!! Look at the smile on him..what a cutie! I know your smile had to equal his at his wins and you must be bubbling over with pride.

Lynn...who may move east with her next show pup....

Daniel is almost as cute as his mom..
Hi Kathy.

I see a lot of you in him, Kathy 🙂 Congrats on his success!

Wow, that's great! Congrats to you and to Daniel of course!

Congrats!! How exciting!

I'm a little jealous. None of my kids were ever interested….. no matter how hard I tried to convince them they were.

Congrats Daniel… and congrats to you Kathy... you must be so proud of him. 🙂

Congrats to you both!!


Congratulations to both - what an accomplishment. Keep it up!

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