Up and Comer moving right along…

  • Not only did my 9 year old son, Daniel, get his first two 1st place wins in the Novice Junior class the weekend of the EBC/WWHA shows, but he pointed our little black girl, BeBe, aka Itzyu Midnight Frolic at Khani's, last weekend… three points!!

    Daniel at EBC specialty with puppy Baby:

    Daniel in Cali with Miss BeBe [we can't wait for the real picture to arrive]:

    This little boy not only is stealing hearts, but he is taking away the wins from the adults!!
    Last summer, he put 3 points on two different male Bs up in Canada and two single points on our Adam on the way down to the BCOA national…
    and now 3 points on Bebe.

    So, next time you step in the ring on the west coast... take a good look and see if you are actually safe from the likes of this boy!

  • WOW…that's FANTASTIC! Congratulations Daniel! WAY TO GO!!!! Look at the smile on him..what a cutie! I know your smile had to equal his at his wins and you must be bubbling over with pride.

    Lynn...who may move east with her next show pup....

  • Daniel is almost as cute as his mom..
    Hi Kathy.

  • I see a lot of you in him, Kathy 🙂 Congrats on his success!

  • Wow, that's great! Congrats to you and to Daniel of course!

  • Congrats!! How exciting!

    I'm a little jealous. None of my kids were ever interested….. no matter how hard I tried to convince them they were.

  • Congrats Daniel… and congrats to you Kathy... you must be so proud of him. 🙂

  • Congrats to you both!!


  • Congratulations to both - what an accomplishment. Keep it up!

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