• This was posted to another Basenji list from a BCOA member, Carrie Jones, this woman also has MinPins and MinPin mixes:

    I just received a phone call from a woman by the last name of Johnson. She
    lives in Gilmore, Iowa and, guess what? She reports having problems with
    the City turning off her mother-in-law's electricity over the winter, the
    pipes freezing and bursting, and when she reported the City they are now
    retaliating by telling her she has until Sunday, August 24th to remove ALL
    of her dogs or they will be seized.

    She has multiple breeds, but this is the breakdown of her Basenjis (all are

    2 four year-olds, 1 male and 1 female

    4 three year-olds, 2 males and 2 females

    3 yearlings, 1 male and 2 females

    I also told her no rescue organization is going to pay her any money for her
    dogs and she said that is fine. She just wants to safely get her dogs out
    of her house before they are seized. The dogs are "mostly" kennel dogs.
    She had people arrive to look at some other dogs while she was on the phone
    and she had to end the call before I could ask more specifics about the

    Her phone number is: 515-373-6507.

    I honestly don't know if anyone can help. Iowa seems to be a black hole for
    rescue. Any BRAT folks out there?

  • I sent it on to BRAT…sigh, just want we need, non socialized intact b's...sigh!

  • I think a few others sent to BRAT also

  • Yes, this is going to be some more dogs that are hard to rehome without vetting and fostering…
    We sure have had a run on these type of b's lately.
    Thank heavens BRAT is open to taking them.
    Please, anyone who can foster, please go to the BRAT site and sign up.
    We need you.

  • Good thing too that she will give them up and not insist on selling them…

  • Tanza and Sharon, I also spoke with this Denise Johnson early this evening. In fact after our first conversation hours earlier she called me tonight hoping that Brat might be able to step in and help with the Basenjis in her possession.

    Denise says that a shelter called her and is willing to take the dogs but the person she spoke to did not even know what a Basenji is. She told me that she would rather that someone that understood Basenji's get them. I told her that several people have posted in regard to these Basenjis trying to get help for the animals. I even suggest that she visit the forum and see for herself but she say she does not have the internet.

    Denise has until Sunday evening to find these Basenji's a place to go or they will be taken by authorities.

    I also found out she has several Mini Pins as well as a Great Dane.

    As far as the Basenjis go these are the Males:

    Tucker is 4 years old

    Wizzer is 3 and is the trouble maker of the bunch and may have a skin infection he is recovering from.

    Dudley is 3

    These are the Females…

    Harley is 4 years old Dot is 3 Fancy is 1 and there is one female with no name that is 1

    Of course there has been no Fanconi Testing and Shots are needed as well.

    I was told that all weights of the dogs are between 23-25lbs

    Denise has been feeding them Kent Dog food


  • That is so sad. If you don't even care about your dog enough to name him/her, why have it? I hope these dogs all find a place to go, and don't have to go through the trauma of a shelter.

  • Sadly BRAT can't take these dogs.
    Everyone is full.
    These 5 sets of puppymill b''s BRAT pick up have filled the BRAT foster home to overflowing.
    I hope someone in the area can go get them.
    Otherwise, they will probably be put to sleep.
    I wish I had better news.

  • Since they are basenjis, and could be considered "rare and therefore valuable" do you think the shelters they may end up in will keep them around a bit longer than most? I am not sure, but if they think they are rare they also might think its worth waiting to adopt them out…maybe, maybe not?

  • I hate to say it but if the woman did not care enough about one of the dogs to name it then its a pretty safe bet that the dogs are unsocialized and may not even be adoptable. Sometimes euthanasia is the kindest option with unadoptable dogs.

  • Many shelters do not make exceptions for animals based on perceived value. Government run shelters have guidelines set by their state, county, city and follow them. Many shelters do their best not to euthanize adoptable animals but must take in all animals surrendered to them and give them their legal time which means if the shelter is full adoptable animals will be euthanized to make room for the new intakes.

    If these animals are undersocialized they may not pass the temerament test that most shelters do now before moving dogs into adoption. This doesn't acutally mean they would be unadoptable after rehabilitation but the shelters don't have the resources to do that. Many shelters depend on breed specific rescue to help them out with these situations.

  • It makes me sad that as a basenji lover that I am having a difficult time getting BRAT to respond to my e-mails. I want another B in my life .and to here there are B's that might end up dead breaks my heart.I hope that my wife and I find one soon. best regards Tim and Rebecca Prodan

  • Yes, it is, however remember these Basenji are quite possibility not at all socialized and many that BRAT has taken this year are in the same position… unsocialized, fear of people, not house trained, and come with so much baggage... And even when taken into a home situation, they may never come around. There are people that I know that took KC rescue dogs from 5yrs ago (I think it was about that long now, but maybe more) that still can't get anywhere close to the dogs... they eat because someone feeds them, they go outside to potty because someone lets them... but they have no bond with humans... so because many of these have no social skills at all, it makes placement near to impossible.

    That said, have you tried contacting any breeders? Especially now with today's economy, we have been seeing many breeder returns...

  • Tanza, thank you for the info. I just received a e-mail from a gent in Jersey who is a foster home. He has a brindle pup by the name of Roo. I found out everytime I try to reply to a add[BRAT] that I get a server disconnect message! how frustrating! I hope that Bill gives me a chance to give Roo a forever home. If you read my welcoming post [erbe de crabre] you will know where we have been and where we would like to be. I wanted a sinji pup,untill I found out there is b's in need of a good home.

  • Well that is great to hear.. and yes, sometimes… the internet has it problems... hope that all works out for you and you get to give a rescue B.. its forever home.

  • I cross posted on the Basenji Dogster site– But it might even be worthwhile to cross post on Dogster's main site (for those who are dog lovers but who do not know the love of a B necessarily.) Thoughts??

  • Mitt, I have to say I am sorry your not getting a response from BRAT.
    Is there something I can do to help you?

  • While I think that BRAT does a great job (99% of the time) this is certainly not the first time that I have heard this story from people that are looking to adopt. And sometimes I think that their restrictions on who they will adopt to is a problem… personally each person/family needs to be looked at for ability to be a good dog "parent" and family. When people/groups put restrictions such as "if you don't have a yard" or if you have "children" as a restriction, many a good home is missed. People are then turned off and go else where...
    Certainly internet and email problems can account for some of the problems, some of the time...
    Have you tried BCOSW? and their rescues? Also you could check out http://thebasenji.com/available/avail.html and/or go to the Breeder directory of BCOA and contact breeders that are fairly local to you. There are other source out there…

  • Here is BCOSW's website, http://bcosw.org/

  • I have a person who is willing to foster at least one dog - they are in Lincoln, NE. http://www.dogster.com/dogs/766082 – that's her dogster page.

    Someone who is involved, please contact her to set things up! 🙂

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