URGENT - Basenji Mix in Grant Prairie, TX

  • With only an ID#, this sweet boy is currently at risk of EU due, only, to the extreme overcrowding at the shelter he is in. He is heartworm negative, estimated to be close to one year old and weighs in around 30#s. He was visited by a BRAT volunteer and is reported to be very sweet and friendly by both the volunteer and the Grand Prairie Shelter Staff. There is just not room at the Inn to insure his safety for very long. This boy in appearance is very Basenji like and he has only been heard to let out short woof type barks similar to a Basenji (if you have ever heard one bark) so it seems that he will be a quiet boy. When visited he appears to be very playful, he clumsily (the puppy in him) ran up and down the aisle checking out all the other dogs, wagging his loosely curled tail the whole time. He just wants someone to play with and a family to love him.

    If you are a family that has a place in your heart and home for this cutie you will be saving the life of a great companion.
    If you can adopt this sweetie or take him into a safe rescue please contact Lauren ASAP: lsossi@gptx.org

    Lauren Sossi, Senior Animal Services Officer
    Grand Prairie Animal Shelter
    Shelter 972-237-8580
    cell 817-528-9225

  • What a cute young boy and goofy too! I have two of those PBs that can bark/woof so it is not just the mixes. Grand Prairie is a suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Sometimes transport can be arranged from many of the TX shelters.


  • d'oh… I forgot his ID# ID#... A104115
    Transport could also probably be arranged though BRAT.

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