• I just moved into a house w/ a fenced in yard. Yay! There's a big hemlock tree in the middle and I noticed that the dogs love to sniff around under there and periodically they find something to eat. I usually run over, pry their mouths open and try to get whatever they have out of there, or at least make sure its not something dangerous. A few times, I have dug cooked chicken bones out of their mouths! :eek:

    I was thinking maybe the previous owners had a picnic table back there or something and there was food left, but today I realized that there are squirrels getting leftover food from whereever, taking it up into the tree, and dropping stuff onto the lawn below!

    Stupid Squirrels! Just what Lenny needs with a healing abdomen….to be eating cooked chicken bones.... :mad:

  • We've noticed that too! There have been maybe three times that i can think of that I have dug chicken bones out of Jack's mouth, mainly because our neighbors have parties, and leave their trash in bags outside in the yard, right on the border of our yard. Squirrels tear it open, grab chicken, eat meat, drop bones off of trees. I hate squirrels.

  • I don't have such a problem with the squirrels but just the neighbors - some are pretty sloppy when they put out the trash on collection day and bits and pieces are always hiding in the grass when EL D and I come by on our walks the next day or the next day or the next day. I always worry that someday he'll scarf down something that could be dangerous before I can get it out.

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