• We have a lot of trees and squirrels are everywhere. Laika goes crazy, when she sees one. Started her on the Easy Leader halter. She does not like it a lot, but her walks are much easier. She does not pull anymore, except when she sees a squirrel. Even the halter will not stop her. Have tried different halters and harnesses, but the Easy Leader seems to do the job best.
    What are most of you using on your basenji's? My husband prefers the flexie, but I think, she is taking him for a walk really. He believes she needs the freedom. She gets three walks a day and will only poop in the dog park here.
    I will add some photo's

  • Ella has proven time again not to be trusted on the flexi leash. As you said, she takes us for a walk at that point. She is allowed off leash in many circumstances so she gets her freedom. We use a regular 6 foot leash with an Easy Walk harness. We used the Easy Walk with some sucess in controlling her pulling as a puppy, but now we actually use it turned upside down so it clips on top just like a regular harness. We just like the way it fits and goes on and off.

  • Going to duct tape hands about having dogs off leash.

    Marli, there are many problems with flexi leads including a dog too far from you should another animal charge. Work on loose leash walking so the dog doesn't pull and husband doesn't feel need to use one.

    That said, squirrels and chipmunks. Mine lose their minds when they see them. I use a leash they can't bite because Arwen would almost chew her legs off to get to one, but has learned the basenji proof lead won't give. Thanks to Jack Austin for telling me how to make one!

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