• Zahra ate one of my earrings that was on my nightstand. I just gave her some peroxide hoping that she will throw it up (not because I want it back, I don't after this but because I am scared it will puncture something inside of her when it comes out). Am I doing the right thing? Any other advice? Why does she have to do this at 4:00 am?

  • Oh no! Are you sure??
    I don't have much advice but I hope it doesn't hurt her. Keep us posted.

  • if she doesn't throw it up, I would call the vet when they open (probably by now) and just ask them…if its small hopefully it wont' cause a blockage...as for the sharp factor...Tosca recently ate a shard of broken ornament, and I had the same fear. The vet said all we should really do is watch for blood in her stool or vomiting blood, and if this occurs to call immediately to bring her in. Luckily, its been a week now, and she has been fine, hopefully the same will go for you! Isn't it a horrible feeling when you find they swallow something they shouldn't? When we first got Tosca I remember writing on here and calling the vet becuse she ate a straw, half of a pill, and a chewed up piece of Trident (xylitol can be poison). Luckily, with more experience, I got better at watching her, but of course with a dog like a basenji, accidents are bound to happen! Good luck!

  • I once had a dog eat an entire PACK of birth control pills!! He even ate most of the foil, and it was a boy dog. I called the vet, totally stressed about what the hormones might do to him. They tried not to laugh, but when you think about it, it's really funny.

    Didn't hurt him a bit, no throwing up, loose stool, NOTHING. I was stressed beyond belief though.

    Dang varmints!

  • Hope everything comes out okay 😃 (Sorry I know it's not a laughing matter).

  • Jenn - Did you see her eat/swallow the earring? If it is missing - it might have gotten knocked off and bounced anywhere (I hope). Last year, when Daisy was a pup - she got the back of a remote control off and I saw her nibbling on one of the AAA batteries. I couldn't find the other battery for the life of me - moved furniture - looked under rugs - name it I looked. Panicked I called a vet hospital, they advised she get X-rayed to see if she actually swallowed it, cause I assumed since I couldn't find it, it must be sitting in either Daisy or Duke's belly. Eventually, my DH and son got on the lookout for the battery. Soon as I got off the phone with the vet, my DH found it lying tight up against the entertainment center. It was very hard to spot. An earring is even harder to spot.

    Anyway - sorry you're all in a worry about her, but you know the only way to know if she swallowed it is with X-ray and know you'll have to rummage thru her every poop - ewwww. Let us know if you ever find your earring. Hope Zahara will be OK.

  • Jill, I looked all around my nightstand, under the bed, on the bed and I haven't found it. I am hoping I am missing it and I will find it later but I saw her licking her lips and there is a tongue print on my nightstand and only one earring left. I guess she is trying to tell me that Basenji's like diamonds too.

    I called the vet today and they told me to just watch her to see if she throws up or anything else out of the ordinary and to search her poop.

    Just like the saying a watched pot doesn't boil a watched Basenji doesn't poop. I sat in the backyard for a while getting eaten by mosqitos and she does the hide a poop thing but never goes. I think she is waiting for nightfall so that I can sort through her poop with a flashlight.

    Wizard, now that it has been a few hours it is kind of funny and I do hope everything "comes out" alright - pun definitly intended! LOL!

  • I do so hope it all comes out allright!
    Your not the first to sort through poop to find a treasure.

  • Well, I had 2 posts, so this is the note you get now.

  • You know I learned my lesson that I need to put my earrings in a box and in a drawer if I am going to take them out at night while the dogs are sleeping with me.

    These were a tiny pair of diamond earrings for my second hole that I got off Amazon last week for $30.00 so it will be cheap to replace because I don' think if it comes out "whole" that I could disinfect it and wear it again after this! LOL! Thank goodness they are not the good earrings that DH bought me for my Birthday!

  • After almost a week of waiting and waiting for Zahra to poop, squishing poop in a plastic bag to check for my missing earring, and asking the dog sitter to bring back any poop from their walk I have found my earring.

    I know you are all wondering where.

    Um, under my nightstand by my bed. I made one last desperate sweep with my hand on the berber carpet and it happened to jump up. Zahra definitly had it in her mouth, the earring backing was all bent but the diamond and the post are fine.

    I am so glad that I found it and it wasn't in Zahra!

  • Congrats on finding it 🙂 I have noticed…all you have to do is give up hope of ever finding something, and there it will be! I am glad your b was smart enough not to actually eat the earring, I probably cannot say the same for my dog, Tosca.

  • Woo Hoo good news…..isn't it funny how when we descide we are never going to find something, it appears out of thin air.

    Glad everything worked out for the best, it would be awful if your B gained a diamond fetish. 😃


    I just noticed it on the bottom portion of the board.

    Hope you have a happy, jacky, basenjiky birthday!

  • @EskiLovr:


    I just noticed it on the bottom portion of the board.

    Hope you have a happy, jacky, basenjiky birthday!

    Thank you 🙂

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