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@tanza yeah he came from harmony hound . You know them?

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Thank you all for the replies. I'll try them all! Hopefully he gets settles in.

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Me and my fiancé just got our first basenji "Little Man" (8 months old) despite all the horror stories we heard and research we did we still wanted one of these adorable and affectionate dogs. Or at least we thought he would be affectionate. We bought him from a breeder in GA and he had a short flight to us in VA. I felt horrible about putting him on a flight but it was the only basenji near us. So his first day he was scared (as expected) all he did was find his corner far away from us. We attempted to interact with him very slightly to get him to at least know we are here and then let him be.
It has been five days now and he will still hide in his corner and run from us despite treats and bribes of affection. The wierd thing is is that if we put him on the couch or in the bed with us he will cuddle up, but on the floor he will run away and hide.
He seems to love the outside closely at my side whenever we walk. However, if I'm walking away from him he's fine and following but if I walk towards him he's scared and running away. I attempted to take him to a small fences in area to get some outside off leash time with him but as soon as he realized the leash was off he wanted nothing to do with me.
He won't touch any toys or even treats. He even only liked bacon! Didn't even eat it!!!! IT'S BACON!!!
Long story short we love our little man and all we won't is for him to love us and be happy. Is there any one that can help us?

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