• I have a question about some little bumps that are in my basenji, Tosca's, ears. She has had them for quite awhile, about a month. Originally I thought they were mosquito bites, as when she got them we had been walking a lot in the evening, and I had found other mosquito bites on the rest of her body.
    However, the bites on her legs, etc went away after a few days, but the things in her ears have not changed, so I am not sure if they are bites or not…
    Can mosquito bites last that long?
    They are small bumps, 2 in one ear, 1 in the other, they don't move, change, or spread. The best way to describe them would be like little pimples, but without whiteheads on them. At times they have gotten a bit scabby, so I picked it off (I know, gross) thinking it would then go away, but nope, they are still there. They do not bother her AT ALL, they just don't go away.
    Any ideas on what it could be, or if I should be concerned? Or, is it normal for mosquito bites like this to last and last?
    Its not a tick, as there are no black spots or anything like that, its just the color of the inside of her ear, just raised.
    Any advice would be great, thanks!

  • You know, I have been concerned about the exact same bumps the last couple days. Riley has less hair than Zip on the tips of his ears on the inside so he has more of them than her, more that I can feel anyway. He has like 5 or 6 in each ear. The two of them spend alot of time outside in the yard so based on my research I thought that they could be fly bites. Zip never got them when we were in an apt. The dogs are probably outside about half of the time. When I was picking them over and noticed how many Riley has and started researching I smeared some tea tree oil triple antibiotic ointment on the tips of their ears. I need to look into it some more but I think I read something about a repellent gel you can put on their ears…I would much appreciate anyone else's ideas on what they could be and steps to avoid them. And Jylly18, you read my mind!

    Edit: If they are fly bites perhaps this Flys Off stuff will help:


    I'll keep "googling"…

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